A Blueprint And Inspiration For Fashion Influencers Worldwide

Abraham Adegeye has established his alias ‘abrahamdailydosis’ as a social media brand within the last years. His story is a blueprint of a career in the industry.

If you are not in the fashion industry yourself and wouldn’t call yourself an influencer of any sort you will likely be intrigued to learn a bit of what it is like to be a fashion influencer. When Abraham started taking photos of his outfits and uploading them online it was mostly as a hobby. But the more he did it, the more his skills increased and around 4 years ago he reached a professional level. It was at this point his career began in the modelling industry.

Modelling is something that Abraham enjoys and having been booked for various campaigns it is something he would like to do even more of. He has already worked with big names like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Nike, G-star, Vans, Converse, Pacsun and About You to name just a selection. Some of these campaigns have featured on TV where they have also seen both local and mainstream press coverage. This includes a campaign that featured Abraham looking at the topics of cyberbullying and diversity, created for the soft drink giant Sprite.

These gigs are all great achievements and Abraham has enjoyed being a part of them, however, he does not want to leave the more personal level of his modelling career alone. This is where he uploads shoots to his social media followers via the likes of Instagram and other popular platforms, as well as a dedicated blog. Many people are doing this kind of thing, but there is still plenty of room for new people as there is always a different angle to capitalize on.

Although Abraham says he does not know exactly where this particular niche is going to end up in the future, as he rightly points out this is a very modern phenomenon, he nevertheless seems optimistic. Notably, instead of trying to fight off competition by copying rivals ideas but doing them better, he focuses on being true to himself, allowing people to see a little into his mind and life, promoting uniqueness. One thing Abraham is keen to point out is that selling is not his main goal, so whilst he has been considering ways to launch a business from his career, his main aim remains to inspire others. It certainly sounds like Abrahamdailydosis is a brand we will be seeing plenty more of in the near future.