A 20,000 rupee reduction has been made in the price of Ola S1X electric scooters

Ola has reduced the price of its high-end electric scooter, the S1 X+, by an enticing Rs 20,000, making it available for just Rs 89,999 ex-showroom. This special price offers potential customers a substantial chance to save money on any S1 X+ reservation booked in December 2023. It is available for any bookings made during that month.

The top model in Ola’s S1 X e-scooter collection, the S1 X+, has a powerful 3kWh battery and a stated IDC range of 151 kilometers. Ola highlights the S1 X+ by claiming a remarkable 125 km in Eco mode and a “True Range” of 100 km in Normal mode. This emphasizes how effective and versatile the scooter is for a range of riding requirements.

Under the hood, the S1 X+ and S1 Air share the same hub motor that has a constant power rating of 2.7kW, a peak power of 6kW, and a stated top speed of 90 kph. After taking a quick ride on the Ola S1 Air, we concluded that it was a very good electric scooter alternative.

The S1 X+ keeps its boot space consistent with the previous Ola e-scooters, providing a roomy 34 liters for useful storage options. A few months ago, Ola said that deliveries would start in September alongside the debut of the S1 X range. Customers are still waiting on their S1 X e-scooters to arrive, though. Delivery is expected to commence in the upcoming week.

This is the perfect time for enthusiasts to make their reservations because the already-attractive S1 X+ is made even more appealing by this temporary discount. With this promotional offer, Ola, which is leading the electric scooter market, hopes to draw in more riders looking for a reliable and environmentally responsible form of transportation. As Ola’s S1 X lineup begins to roll out in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned for more details.

Current leader in electric two-wheeler manufacturing in India is Ola Electric. The electric scooter manufacturer delivered a staggering 30,000 S1 and S1 Pro models in November 2023. Ola Electric’s sales have increased dramatically, but consumer complaints have also increased. Ola’s service centers are currently overrun with faulty S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters, and irate consumers are venting their annoyance on social media platforms due to the scooters’ constant delays and problems. We hope Ola Electric concentrates on providing its consumers with scooters that are free of issues.