85 Lakh Found At MP govt Clerk’s Home During Search, He Drinks Poison during EOW Search


​​During the search at the residence of upper division clerk Hero Keswani, currently drawing a salary of around Rs 50,000 per month, an EOW team also recovered documents pertaining to several properties worth crores of rupees, he said.

A state government clerk’s Bhopal home was searched on Wednesday, and the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Madhya Pradesh police found more than 85 lakh in cash while looking into a complaint about disproportionate assets. The clerk had reportedly consumed some liquid that was thought to be poisonous.
According to Hero Keswani, an upper division clerk making roughly 50,000 per month, paperwork for multiple properties worth crores of rupees were also found during the search of his home by an EOW team.

The official stated that the search operation went on until late on Wednesday night and that note-counting equipment was introduced to determine the precise worth of the cash seized at his home in the Bairagarh neighbourhood.

When the EOW team arrived at the home of the upper division clerk working for the state Medical Education Department, he claimed to have ingested bathroom cleaner, Superintendent of Police (EOW) Rajesh Mishra informed PTI.

In addition, Keswani allegedly pushed officials as they attempted to enter his residence to conduct a search.

“He was taken urgently to the public Hamidia Hospital. He is receiving treatment for issues relating to his blood pressure, and his condition is stable “Police Chief Superintendent stated.

By the end of the day, documents pertaining to real estate and other assets valued in the millions of rupees had also been discovered inside Keswani’s home, according to Mishra.

He claimed to own assets worth an estimated Rs. 4 crore.

The EOW officer estimated that Keswani’s opulent home, where pricey ornamental items were discovered, was worth about 1.5 crore.

The Superintendent of Police said the clerk had started his job at a salary of about ₹ 4,000 a month and was currently drawing around ₹ 50,000 per month.

Amounts running into lakhs of rupees were found deposited in bank accounts of Keswani’s family members. He had purchased most of the properties in the name of his wife, a homemaker with no source of income, the official said.

Overall value of the assets unearthed during the search will be known only after completion of valuation work and verification of documents, Mishra said

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