7 tips to change your life and body like Kelly Osbourne, by Jean Motell

Kelly Osbourne posted a pic this week of her wearing Gucci with new purple hair pulled up into a braided bun.

This is a stunning image which illustrates how celebs can change their body.
But these kind of changes aren’t reserved to celebrities. And we’re not talking about surgery.

French artist Jean Motell, former party crasher turned creative mogul, shares with us 7 tips to change your life and body in a stunning way: Jean lose forty pounds in one year and became highly creative at the same time. Follow the guide.

#Tip n°1:

No dessert for dinner.
Replace with fruits.
Focus your efforts on dinner only.

#Tip n°2:

Say cheese.
But don’t eat cheese!
Replace with hazelnuts.

#Tip n°3:

Bread is the ennemy.
Don’t eat bread and you’ll taste your meal for real.

#Tip n°4:

Only drink water.
It’s simple, but sometimes life is simple.

#Tip n°5:

Take your time.
One year is a good target to see a durable and significative change.

#Tip n°6:

Be creative. Any medium.
If you love your cats, take pictures of your cats. Use a lo-fi camera and shoot what you like. Write anecdotes. Mind and body are connected and be creative is very helpful for your body.

#Tip n°7:

Small moves are the key.
Each day is an opportunity to do small things. With discipline all these small things will create your own pyramid of progress.
If I can make it, you’ll make it!

You can taste Jean Motell’s universe on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/c/JeanMOTELL), listen to his music on Spotify and discover his books on amazon.