6 things to consider when starting a social media campaign with Kris Lal

On the release of his new 7 step strategy guide for beginners on social media, we managed to get an excerpt of the guide post discussion with www.Curatorsocial.com CEO Kris Lal. Curatorsocial is one of Australasia’s leading digital agencies, with years of experience they’ve helped SME’s scale and navigate the world of social media. We asked Kris to share some key things to consider when starting a social media campaign for those starting out on their social media journey.

Here’s some key considerations to tick off when starting a campaign.

  1. What is the goal of this campaign? – (sales conversion/brand awareness/increasing engagement/audience acquisition etc). Be clear on your goals at the outset so everything in your plan will lean in towards making this goal attainable. For sales conversion, do you have an offer or mechanism in place to entice your audience to visit your website and purchase? For brand awareness, do you have influencers in place that have the correct Audience demographic so they reach the right audience?. There are numerous guides online that show you how to set the correct goal in terms of your campaign. What is most important is that you SET YOUR GOAL in place at the outset.
  2. Where will my campaign be executed? – (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok etc). We go into more depth about this later on in the guide but list out the platforms or platform you will be running your campaigns on.
  3. What is the duration, budget and deliverables of this campaign? (How much will you spend, when will this campaign end and lastly what are the actionable points that must be met ie influencer posts/Facebook ads etc). Setting these alongside your goal will ensure you have a clear indication of what your ROI will look like at the end.
  4. HOW will I execute this campaign? (What is the creative?, who is running this campaign and how are we going to make this a success). This is the perfect opportunity for you to list out the above and formulate a creative idea or spin for your campaign that relates back to your GOAL.
  5. How does this align with my AUDIENCE and potential CUSTOMERS. All the above is great, however without an engaged or invested audience, it becomes a wasted opportunity and futile exercise for your business. Make sure that your asking, ‘how does this serve my audience and capture their attention?’.
  6. How will you measure success? What will winning look like to you and how will this relate back to your goal and overall objectives?.
    These tips are sufficient when starting out and provide a great opportunity to plan and guide yourself through the campaign as intended. For more feel free to visit us at www.curatorsocial.com .

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