5 tools and rules to achieve a great voice from the point of view of Farshid Adhami, a famous Iranian musician, singer and musician

The very important thing about people’s voices is that opinions about voices are completely individual. People have very different opinions about what makes a great sound. Like 50 different flavors for ice cream. You may like to enjoy the steps of a rock singer with an electronic guitar, and sometimes you may enjoy the sound of soft local music. When it comes to a singer’s voice, it all depends on your taste. As a result, your most important goal should be to be the best singer you can be and use 100% of your power.

1- Sound making technique, a path for sound freedom and its development

If you are looking for more voice freedom, you should definitely use this technique. One of the best tools in the world of great sounds is the art and science of sound engineering. You can never make a good sound if your voice is stuck in your throat. No one wants to hear a sound that is muffled or in the nose. You need to study and practice your voice. No one wants to hear a voice that is not yet close to its ultimate potential. As a result, you have to do your best.

2- Sound health is the most important factor for durability and prevention of sound wear

Keeping your voice healthy is one of the most important reasons for your success and it also helps you not to be left alone in important moments. There is nothing worse than not being able to record your own sessions because your voice is weak. Or, for example, if you sing but do not care about the health of your voice, you will definitely have a problem. You need to know the best secrets related to sound health so that you will never have a problem. You can use different sources for sound health.

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3- Natural remedies for sound recovery… Very fast!

One of the best ways to keep your voice healthy is to know what is hurting your voice. Most people still use common medications to treat colds or flu. These products are not only toxic, but they only eliminate the symptoms of the disease and certainly do not cure you. I still see a lot of people going to the doctor for courses of antibiotics, which not only kill the good bacteria in your body and weaken your immune system, but also against the virus or Colds do not have much effect. If you want to have products to use for colds, allergies and reflexes or acoustic problems, there are natural solutions that not only solve your problem but also have good long-term effects on Build your body. You can use it with fresh salads and vegetable juices on a daily basis to get more oxygen, chlorophyll and vitamins to your body and strengthen your immune system. The next step is to use supplements that contain vitamin D3, which strengthens your immune system and you can naturally regain your health.

4- Smooth movements for great sounds

What makes a great sound, no matter what genre the singer sings in, is that the changes are smooth. Phrases based on music are one of the most important topics. You should not do this in a hurry. An audio line has rhythm and melody. You should try to make changes to the rhythm and melody of your voice fluently. If you want to have smoother movements in your voice, you need to study the style of blues singers to be able to improve your wording. Good pop singers have rhythm + blues elements in their voices. You can use our site tutorials to access these features.

5- A special style helps you to show yourself

The good news is that you should not imitate others and try to be yourself. Having a voice that sounds like the voice of others certainly does not make you stand out. You should try to make your voice different from the others. You have to play with your voice, develop your voice ability, try to have a dynamic voice.