5 Reasons why Aaron Gill is going to be just a as successful in LA as he is in Chicago

The luxury real estate producer who has gained himself the top spot in Illinois’ capital over the last 5 years is now set to reciprocate his success in California. After teaming up with Douglas Elliman and his development partner in the Onni Group, he stepped into Los Angeles’ market through he doors of the high rising Hope + Flower apartment complex in Downtown.

Here’s five good reasons he will leave the same big footprint on the LA market that he left in Chicago.

1. He doesn’t forget his best recipe

Aaron Gill knows exactly what took him all the way where he is. Several studies point out first gen Americans have to work twice as hard and to receive opportunities in education and jobs in the US. This was never an excuse for Aaron Gill, contrary he always listened to his instincts and doing what is natural to him was always helping people. Listening to their needs, narrowing them down, providing what they need.

2. His unique set of skills and experiences

Spending two years in medical school to become a physician and four years working in hospital including the ICU, Gill has picked up an inimitable set of soft skills that he uses in his job every day. To be able to make the right decisions in a matter of seconds, to figure out the clients needs when it counts and narrow down to what really matters, as well as relaying information back and applying his knowledge, all these skills he picked up in life or death situations working in the hospital. Medical school taught him to gather huge amounts of information precisely in a a compressed space of time. An uncommon career story for a number one luxury real estate producer.

3. His work ethic makes it inevitable

Point 2 is also linked to the next point, which is his incredible work ethic and mindset. An 80 hour week is pretty average for Gill, who says ‘no matter how long my day, what time it is or how I personally feel that day, my service levels can never drop. Providing an excellent service at all times is the only option.’ Working within 3 different time zones, late night calls and working hours are daily business for Aaron Gill.

4. Personality wins

If you’ve seen Gill, you will definitely link his big smile to his personality. An open minded, genuinely curious and communicative man, who knows that energy is his greatest currency. His passion for his purpose is contagious, you can’t help to join his enthusiasm. Which, when he has found you your dream apartment, is well deserved.

5. Endurance

What does a top class a producer do, when he doesn’t close deals? Aaron Gill always works on growth, whether it’s personal, physical or career wise. He works out every day and is always ready for the next marathon.

Endurance is also key in his career. While long term success includes days that don’t always meet your personal expectations, keeping the focus on the bigger picture and the end result is going to get you over the finish line.