3 Self Motivation Tips for Artists, Producer, and DJ’s – with Angelo Raguso

Intro :

Who is Angelo Raguso?

Angelo Raguso is a 26-year-old Italian artist who has made music his career for almost ten years. He has collaborated with famous artists all over the world such as Groovebox, George Privatti, Guille Placencia, Sascha Sonido, Andrea Mattioli and many others. He released his music on labels known everywhere as Spinnin ‘Records, Hotfingers, Natura Viva, El Row and many others. Today he will share some suggestions with us on how to have the right motivation in the field of music.

Accept failure as the first lesson :

The answer is to accept that to get that success, you have to first miss the mark. You have to produce tracks that nobody ends up liking. Hell, you have to produce tracks that even you end up not liking!

Every time you miss the mark, treat it as training – or if you like, as “nudging your guided missile closer to its target”. We always learn more from our failures than our successes. Without the little “nudges” that each almost-success gives us, we simply can’t hit our final, successful goal.

Finish What You Start, Then Start Again With something New :

Signed bands traditionally had little choice but to finish their records on time, with obligation-ridden advances, studio time booked, and record company execs breathing down their necks. Even then, there are legendary stories of albums taking years to finish (or never get finished at all). If “real” bands sometimes never finish their work, what chance do effectively self-employed producers have?

You have every chance, as long as you set yourself deadlines and stick to them. Tasks tend to expand to fit the available time. Deadlines are your friend. Professionals produce, release, and move on. Wannabes procrastinate and spend more time coming up with excuses than delivering and getting going on the next project.

Gain More Knowledge

 To be armed with knowledge is like giving your body healthy food and exercise. It rewards your body and brain.  It may be watching the Ask Gary Vee show on how to successfully run your business, reading books on marketing or taking a production class. Suddenly we get these boosts of energy and excitement to try out the knowledge we’ve recently gained.

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