16-year-old entrepreneur Mostafa Nouman from Egypt runs a Workout Equipment business all by himself

When you want to do something, you make it happen, believes Mostafa Nouman, an entrepreneur from Egypt. At just 16, Nouman, who studies at the Canadian International School, founded his own enterprise Circle Glow, which sells quality Workout Equipment in the national capital.

Home Workout Equipment is an idea Mostafa Nouman thought would get trending and start selling quick because of the covid-19 pandemic, which has now become quite the talk of the internet in the past few months. The workout equipment that is being sold is top quality and manufactured in The United States of America, although Mostafa lives in Cairo, he is still able to handle his business internationally because he’s connected all the dots and worked around everything. Nouman is a big workout fan himself.

“Every summer when I used to visit my grandparents’ house, I’d usually get some workouts in as it gets really boring at times, but when I came back to my house the motivation just is not there as much anymore. I always thought that individuals at home were missing out on a great opportunity to stay at home and workout which could really be relatable to them as most people have stopped going to the gym, says the 16-year-old. Thus, he decided to see to the lack of working out at home himself. In March 2020, Circle Glow was officially launched and then there was no looking back for the young entrepreneur.

For the 16-year-old, getting in some training is a necessity in life — a much-needed fitness routine before his day begins. And that’s the big secret behind the name — Circle Glow

He has always been interested in business and entrepreneurship since childhood, however, it got solidified when he took a course with the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy online where he spent weeks devising a business plan. “This is where I basically came up with the idea of this start-up. Spending a lot of time on it made me realise that this is what I want to do and it kickstarted from there. I also watched tons of YouTube videos and courses where I got to learn a lot more and experienced more about entrepreneurship,” Nouman adds.

Mostafa Nouman plans to go to college in Canada and then pursue a career there. However, he is quite confident that he can still run the business while managing his studies. “I want to build Circle Glow to a point that it can run and operate without my physical presence. I will be overlooking it but it needs to run without me being on the website 24/7. I will start with
more entrepreneurial ventures as well like I am managing now I hope I will be able to when I am in university,” he says. Nouman’s biggest role model is Gary Vaynerchuk, who’s an entrepreneur himself. “I have seen him first-hand doing business, heard a lot of his stories from his younger days about how he started his own company, it was harder for him and it inspired me to do something of my own. You can always join a business but when you are responsible for something it’s a wonderful feeling altogether,” the young entrepreneur tells us.