Zeinab Mehdi Poor sheds light on her greatest entrepreneurial achievements

Every person has some huge aspirations in life. But very few manage to fulfil them. Zeinab Mehdi Poor with her consistent efforts rose from the bottom and is at the peak of her career now. There was a time when this Iranian influencer and entrepreneur had no luxuries in life. But now, she is blessed with the best. Born in Masjed Soleyman, Iran, she is currently based in Masjed Soleyman, Iran. With a fanbase of more than 300K on Instagram, Zeinab has rightly succeeded in influencing people’s lives.

With an interest in finance, she did her accounting from Ahwaz University of Applied Sciences. Zeinab also has even done her diploma in graphics from the Masjed Soleyman Azad University. Before making her mark as an influencer, Zeinab started working in an accounting firm after which she launched her own company. Her company is based in Masjed Soleyman and is specialized in providing detailed reports, financial interpretations, value-added services and other financial services.

She has achieved a lot in her extraordinary career. But still, Zeinab believes that her biggest achievement is her journey from a poor person to a capitalist and wealthy entrepreneur. “There has had been my personal struggles which I have overcome in the last few years. Be it the panic attacks or the diseases, I have transformed myself, and touch wood, I am in a happy state of mind right now. Never had I ever imagined that my life would change so much after I began my entrepreneurial journey”, said Zeinab. Her inspiring journey is pretty much evident with her exquisite posts on Instagram.

Zeinab is married to Milad Hatamabadi, a well-known Instagram influencer. The couple is time and again proving why they are true goals. They are travel explorers and love to hop from one place to another. Moreover, they are proud parents and have a baby girl named Tala. Apart from this, Zeinab and her hubby are also jointly having a venture of an online game website which has games like online poker, football betting prediction scores and a lot of interesting things. The duo is planning to invest in several other businesses after things get back to normal.

To know more about Zeinab, head to her Instagram page, ‘@sahar’.