Young Digital Marketer, Ayoub Marchich Shows That The Future Is E-marketing

Generally, brands and businesses looking to grow must be ready to adopt marketing, promotions, and advertisements into their growth plans because it gives them a competitive edge over others. Particularly at a time where the internet and technology have provided more efficient methods of marketing. Online marketing is a growing trend that is yielding better publicity results for entrepreneurs.

Ayoub Marchich has mastered online and digital marketing over the years and has established a name for himself in the marketing industry. For over six years, the young entrepreneur has advocated for online marketing. He will always advise his clients to move to the digital space because of the internet’s vast opportunities.

His marketing agency, Agency, AlloMyStar project, has helped many businesses and brands achieve growth. Also, he helps artists, singers, presenters, and social media influencers increase their online presence and grow in their entertainment careers. Ayoub Marchich utilizes digital marketing adverts and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, TikTok, and more to reach a wider audience.  

E-marketing is the new phase of marketing in the technology-based world we live in today. Ayoub Marchich makes it a primary aim to help his clients grow through these online platforms, especially those in the entertainment sector. He believes that aspiring artists in the entertainment industry must show lots of effort if they want to be outstanding, and his skills in online marketing will be a boost to their dreams. 

“You need to put yourself out there. So my marketing agency sets the objective of helping young artists get to the right road and stay on track. I suggest the use of technology for this, particularly online marketing and adverts,” Ayoub says.

Is It Time for Digital Marketing?

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs must be diligent about having more online presence than physical because there is a shift to the digital space. These days, what makes businesses unique is the way they transform old methods into new ones. According to Ayoub, his marketing agency is very different from many other businesses because people still use the old methods of advertising and promotions, but the focus should be on future methods like online ads.

If you switch to the online sphere, it becomes more effective to get referrals after doing a great job and rendering the best services. For Ayoub Marchich, making a name in the marketing industry was easier because the recommendations he got from satisfied clients reached millions of people through their social channels.

Ayoub shares:

By doing a very good job with famous artists and social media influencers, the recommendations I got across their social channels reached millions of their followers. This was impactful to my brand and I became a household name in the marketing industry because I was good at what I did, and these reputable people vouched for me”.