World Premiere: 8849 Introduced TANK 2 Pro – Cost-Effective Projector Smartphone

May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SHENZHEN, China Leading pioneer in tough mobile technology, 8849, is pleased to present the TANK 2 Pro, its most recent masterpiece. By fusing flagship features with tough durability, the TANK 2 Pro carries on 8849’s tradition of pushing the limits of mobile innovation.

Innovative DLP Projector

The TANK 2 Pro’s integrated DLP projector, which has a brightness of 100 lumens, is its most notable feature. This makes it possible to turn any flat surface into a big screen, which is great for gatherings for movies, games, or presentations. The projector is a useful tool for both work and play because it produces clear, colourful images with impressive quality.

Latest Android 14

The TANK 2 Pro, which is powered by the most recent version of Android 14, has better speed, increased security, and an easier-to-use user interface.

Massive Battery and Fast Charging

With its large 23,800mAh battery and compatibility for 120W rapid charging, the TANK 2 Pro is well-equipped. This guarantees that the phone can withstand heavy use without the need for regular recharges and that it will swiftly and effectively return to full power. The TANK 2 Pro can handle the demands of users running heavy apps, projector use, and GPS navigation.

Unmatched Visual Experience

The 6.79″ FHD + 120Hz screen on the TANK 2 Pro offers brilliant colours and remarkable clarity. Whether people are browsing images, playing games, or watching films, this brings every moment to life.

Powerful Performance and Ample Storage

The Helio G99 CPU powers the TANK 2 Pro, which has 256GB of quick storage that can be expanded to 2TB and 8GB of RAM. This guarantees seamless operation and sufficient room for every user’s applications, images, and videos.

Global Pre-Sale

Starting on May 31st, PST, the 8849 TANK 2 Pro and Unihertz Tank 2 Pro will be sold on AliExpress.

About 8849

8849 is committed to offering consumers all over the world premium robust phones. 8849 is dedicated to the goal of “protecting you every moment” and provides dependable communication solutions even in the worst circumstances. The TANK 2 Pro is a testament to 8849’s unwavering commitment to safety and excellence.