World Earth Day 2019: Eco-Friendly Things You Can Do On This Day

World Earth Day 2019 is near and we as a whole are looking forward to celebrating this day in our own way. Celebrated on April 22, World Earth Day is celebrated to respect the environmental movement that began during the 1970s. If you are looking forward to celebrating this day, but you are confused about different ways in which you can make the celebration environment-friendly, here are a few eco-friendly ways to help you feel close to mother Earth.

  1. Go on a cleanliness drive: You may watch waste around you a lot of times, however you probably won’t feel the desperation to clean it on your own. This Earth Day, don’t modest away and take the initiative to clean the mess around you. You can volunteer with an association that is happy to lconduct a cleanliness drive.
  2. Avoid using your personal vehicle: If you need to go somewhere nearby, where you can easily reach through walking or riding a cycle, avoid using your cars or scooters. Also, if possible, try to do a carpool and contribute towards a pollution-free environment.
  3. Limit the utilization of electricity: Although it’s mid year and it turns into an extraordinary need to utilize ACs and refrigerators, endeavor to limit the utilization of electricity for at least a few hours. You can switch of ACs and refrigerators, as they release a lot of CFCs which are harmful to the environment. Try and spend some time walking in the woods or on the beach.
  4. Learn to recycle and reuse: The best way to minimize the mess around you is to learn to recycle and reuse every bit of a thing that you can. You can go to nearby workshops to learn to put your old and used items to use.
  5. Encourage and educate others: Education is the key to everything. Teach others around you about the importance of the environment. Encourage people to participate in eco-friendly activities, not only for a day but for every day. Ask them to throw garbage in proper dustbins and to avoid all sorts of pollution.