Work Remotely and Build a Flexible Life with Mike Swigunski

Several challenges accompany working remotely and traveling. Working remotely has granted individuals the freedom to focus a little less on work and a little more on their personal lives. It is possible to find the perfect balance between the two and become successful at both.

Mike Swigunski has been traveling full-time internationally since 2011 and has visited over eighty-five countries. Today, he is motivated to share his knowledge and passion for remote working, traveling, and entrepreneurship.

In his bestselling book Global Career: How to work anywhere and travel Forever (Become a Digital Nomad today with Remote Work!), Mike reveals his experiences in traveling internationally while working remotely.

The Experience of Slow Traveling

There is a multitude of opportunities available to an individual who participates in slow travel. Unlike visiting a country for a short period, and sight-seeing typical tourist destinations, slow travel allows individuals to become submerged in a country’s culture, traditions and to form a better connection with the locals and the environment.

During the years Mike has spent slow traveling, it has helped him develop a unique perspective of life. It has allowed him to interact with various people from all walks of life and has given him the ability to see the world through fresh eyes.

This newfound perspective has the propensity to open doors through the places you visit and people you meet. Additionally, it can change your outlook on life.

Be Original

As a bestselling author, remote worker, online business expert, and founder of, Mike Swigunski, through his experiences, has successfully built a 360-degree view of the remote work force and is dedicated to sharing those experiences with others.

From an early age, Mike was able to pinpoint his “why” regarding what he was passionate about and what set him apart from the rest—in addition to this, choosing an unconventional path in life helped him gain perspective to help others better.

The most significant reason that sets Mike apart from other entrepreneurs is that he focuses on helping millions successfully achieve the life they want. Through his passion and dedication to this mission, Mike provides a myriad of resources and services to help those interested in becoming a digital nomad or remote worker achieve a flexible and productive life.

Increased Flexibility, Improved Longevity

When individuals work remotely and are afforded a more flexible schedule, studies show that this leads to increased productivity and improved longevity. Remote work is beneficial to employers and employees. For employers, working remotely also means a reduction in overhead costs.

Working remotely allows room for creativity, increased motivation, less commuting time, and a better work-life balance which are all the ingredients need to boost productivity and flexibility. Mike believes that a significant number of companies will remain remote because of the proven benefits and cater their entire business strategies to satisfy this new remote workforce.