What will be the impact of OLA on the untapped segment of e-motorcycles?

Ola Diamondhead: In August 2023, Ola Electric, the industry leader in e-scooter sales, sold 17,389 units and held a robust 29% market share. This shows the important impact Ola is having in the e-scooter market and its desire to increase sales in the upcoming months. It aims to diversify its product line, like every manufacturer, and is currently getting ready to enter the territories of e-motorcycles.

Let’s start with the battery and motor, about which no information was provided during the concept display. We believe this is because Ola is still working on the details and in the planning stage. While Ola may claim more than 200 kilometers in perfect circumstances, we expect the range in eco mode to be in the range of 150–170 km in real-world conditions.

Given their intended use and design, we expect that these motorcycles will be powerful as well. They will be a direct rival to the Ultraviolet F77, which was just introduced and is presently the best-performing e-motorcycle available.

Ola Roadster: We assume that all four of the models that were displayed would employ the same battery and motor configuration, perhaps with a little different state of tune to fit their personalities. Being an EV, there will be plenty of torque, but it makes logical for the Ola Adventure and the Ola Cruiser to have more torque and a lower top speed, while the Ola Roadster and the Ola Diamond Head will be tuned for a higher top speed.

You can see that Ola has planned a motorcycle for everyone by looking at their product range during the exhibition, which includes the Ola Roadster, Ola Cruiser, Ola Adventure, and Ola Diamond Head. It will serve every available motorcycle category, and while more products will inevitably enter each one, the fact that Ola has considered entering them all shows how ambitious the company is.

Ola Cruiser: We are sure that Ola will have an important impact on the e-motorcycle market with all the improvements now taking place to improve their existing models, provide scooters with greater quality, and combine it with the concept motorcycles that were showcased. Their upcoming models will undoubtedly impress in every way, and while we don’t promise perfection, they will definitely get better. The e-motorcycles from Ola will only encourage the other producers to produce better and more challenging products, which will be great for us as consumers.