What skills should we have for singing? According to Farhad Forootani, a popular and successful singer

A lot of practice, continuous and correct:

 The first important point to note is that a student must first practice the desired corner or ballad over and over again before class and during the week.  It is said that our long-term memory can remember much better due to the constant repetition of any subject or subject.  Therefore, just practicing in a hurry one or two days before class is not the right method and does not have good results in the long run.

 The next point is to use the right exercises.  It may be better to follow this point than dietary abstinence, which is constantly on the readers’ minds (though it should not be overlooked), and failure to do so can cause a lot of damage to the larynx.  Therefore, it is necessary to keep the throat constantly moist during a lot of exercise.  Screaming and shouting should be strictly avoided.  And before reading the upper corners (such as the peak corners), do sound preparation and warm up exercises or warm up.  _Prepare and warm up the sound

 It is best to always warm your voice this way: first the middle range of the sound, then the bottom range of the sound, and finally the top range of the sound, and return to the middle range again.  Always take 10 minutes for each sound pain, and if your voice is tired, do not put too much pressure on it.  When warming up, always go back to the pain that is most comfortable for you and try again in a few minutes.

 Try to read aloud:

 It is very important to first pay attention to the difference between imitation and chanting, or in other words, form to the sound.  Instead of imitating the method and style of their favorite singer, many music enthusiasts sing and shape their voices. Therefore, a distinction should be made between the two categories and a skilled teacher should be consulted.

 Taking notes in class

  It is the student’s job to always have a pen and paper ready and to write down the teacher’s valuable points about the maneuvering parts of the corners, how to do the tutorials on different devices.  It is even necessary to write the name of the poet and the weight of the pronouns at the top of the poem – memorize and understand the poems:

 A student will be more successful if he first pays attention to the meaning of the poems, is aware of the weight of the poem, knows its poetic style, knows his poet, makes sure that the poem is written correctly, knows the ins and outs of the poem, and the poem  It should be for him to speak his own language and speak with it.  In addition, he should not read from the text during the lesson, as this will make the mind lazy and distract him.