What are the characteristics of a great business plan? Farhad Fakhraei, a famous Iranian entrepreneur, about business plans

Starting any economic program requires going through steps that must be done in order and accuracy. One of the most important things to look for when starting a business is to write a good business plan. This economic plan should show why a new business is being created and what it will bring in a multi-year perspective.

It is always advisable to get enough information about the steps before starting a new business, learn how to write a good business plan, follow how to start and start a company according to the law, conditions Evaluate the financing and financing of your project and write down the activities you need to do after you start.

First of all, it is better to define a business plan to understand how it is defined in general. In Persian, business plan is referred to as an economic plan or business plan. A business plan is a document that defines the direction and strategies of a company. A business plan typically:

The market (customers) identifies a company’s purpose and needs

Provides company products and services to these customers

Explains how the company’s products will be marketed to attract more customers to the products.

A good economic plan is based on real knowledge and research and has enough knowledge about the customer’s wishes and determines how he can use them. They also set financial and non-financial goals for each group of customers who use the products. These financial goals are determined through budget allocation as well as forecasts and all members of the company are involved in achieving it. The company’s managers are the initiators of a process, and in a chain, other members will be involved in these steps.

A good economic plan is feasible. In other words, a business plan is realistic and based on exactly the facts that the company will be able to achieve. To be successful, a business plan must be backed up by a good process, careful monitoring and consistent rewards for the people who do the work.