Ways To Whiten Your Skin

Glowy, clear, and smooth skin is every girl’s dream. To achieve it, you must have tried many natural remedies and whitening creams. But let’s face it: you haven’t got the desired skin tone and are now looking to get fairer skin quickly with a guarantee. 

Before I tell you some secrets to fair and clear skin, you should know why your skin tone got dull in the first place. This way, you can try home remedies accordingly and bring some change in your lifestyle. After that, you can go for skin whitening treatments to get light-toned skin, guaranteed and with minimum side effects. 

Let’s know all about skin whitening ways now! 

1.Reasons for a dark and dull skin complexion 

Have you observed your skin has gotten dull as compared to what it was a few years before? It happens to everyone as the skin ages and different types of spots are formed with time. 

2. Hyperpigmentation 

The melanin skin cells increase in the skin, forming patches of dark skin. This hyperpigmentation makes your overall look dull and skin tone becomes uneven. 

3. Age spots 

With time, dark spots appear due to skin aging. Everyone experiences age spots when old skin cells aren’t replaced with new ones more often. 

4. Sun exposure 

Harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun make skin dark and pigmented. If you go outside daily without wearing sunscreen, you’ll notice dark spots on the face. 

5.Acne spots 

Even if your acne issue is resolved, acne spots remain on the skin. These brownish spots make the overall complexion dull, dark, and uneven. 

6. Freckles

The brown spots that appear due to excess melanin production are freckles. They appear due to too much sun exposure and aging. Freckles also make skin look dark and dull. 

7. Ways to Whiten your skin 

Now that you know why your skin is getting dusky and dull, you can try various ways to whiten your skin, keeping in mind the pros and cons of every method. 

8. Home remedies 

You can try following skincare rituals to get smooth and even-toned skin. 

9. Cleansing your face often 

You should cleanse your face with chemical-free cleansers to remove dust particles and hydrate your skin. 

10. Exfoliate your skin 

Dead cells also make the skin dark and dull. So, exfoliate your skin one to two times per week. 

11. Use natural face packs 

You can make your own packs of egg whites, honey, and other over the counter ingredients. These face packs deeply cleanse your skin and make it smooth and bright. 

12. Spray rose water 

Spray pure rose water quite often. Rosewater protects your skin from dust and harmful sun rays. 

13. Wear sunscreen 

Always wear sunscreen while going out. Apply a good sunscreen liberally on the exposed areas of the body. 

14. Drink lots of water 

Water hydrates your skin and delays aging. So, drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. 

15.Whitening creams 

Everybody gets tempted to try whitening creams that aim to lighten their skin in days. But we don’t pay attention to the ingredients of these creams. They can contain harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone. This chemical damages your skin cells and you might notice more dark spots and acne afterward. These over-the-counter whitening creams aren’t safe and cause serious side effects that can’t be reversed. 

So it’s better to avoid whitening creams unless your dermatologist has prescribed one. 

16. Aesthetic procedures 

So now that you know that whitening creams that contain chemicals can do more harm than good, let’s look at modern aesthetic skin whitening procedures that can make your skin fair and radiant, safely and effectively. 

17. Laser skin whitening treatment 

Laser skin whitening treatment is done by professional dermatologists in an aesthetic clinic. You’ll first get a patch test to see whether your skin is suitable for the laser treatment. After that, you’re called for your first skin whitening treatment session. Your doctor applies local anesthesia in case you feel pain. Then the laser beam is directed on the skin that has to be treated. After a few sessions, your skin tone becomes lighter and smooth with no dark spots. Your doctor will decide how many sessions you need to get the desired skin tone. Your doctor will also guide you on how to take care of your treated skin in the coming weeks. 

How does the laser work on the skin? 

The laser removes the outer, dark layer of your skin while removing melanin-producing cells as well. This way, new skin layers form with less melanin and hence you get a fair skin tone. 

Side effects of laser skin whitening treatment 

The side effects mostly go away on their own within 1 to 2 weeks. Extreme side effects are uncommon. The side effects include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling 
  • Crusting 
  • Blisters 
  • Bruises 

You can apply cold packs and aloe vera gel to soothe your skin. Also, consult your doctor if you feel the redness or swelling is increasing with time. 

18. Benefits of aesthetic whitening treatments 

Aesthetic skin procedures are mostly safe and you don’t have to try other remedies. An expert dermatologist guides and does your treatment. You can get the desired results within weeks. The benefits include:

  • Laser whitening treatment is effective for all skin types. 
  • It’s done by professionals with complete knowledge. 
  • No harmful chemicals are applied. 
  • Very few side effects. 
  • Laser treatment is effective and you’ll see results within a few weeks. 
  • The procedure is usually quick. You’ll have to spare almost half an hour for each session. 
  • You’ll get your doctor’s support and complete aftercare guidance. 

19. The Bottom line 

Your skin can become dark and dull with time. This happens due to pigmentation, age spots, freckles, and exposure to sun rays. To get your original skin tone back or achieve a lighter skin tone overall, you can try different remedies. But you should know the pros and cons of each remedy to be aware of its effectiveness. 

Home remedies can show some positive results but they aren’t effective in extreme cases. Also, home remedies don’t lighten your skin tone effectively. They are great to maintain healthy skin, overall. 

Skin whitening creams that contain hydroquinone are harmful to your skin. They pose health risks in pregnant women and have serious side effects. 

A safer way to get fair skin tone is the laser skin whitening technique. This aesthetic technique is safe for all skin types. You have to choose an advanced skin clinic that has modern equipment and experienced doctors.