How To Choose A Perfect Wall Clock For Your Home

A well-furnished and styled house with a warm and nice interior is all you need to be at home. But sometimes, you feel a void when your walls aren’t complimenting the overall interior design of your home. That said, you can always accessorize your walls with frames and other hanging. A wall clock may be your last option for accentuating your walls. But let me tell you: According to Vogue living predictions, clocks are back in this year! 

So, you can go for vintage styles, or sleek and modern luxury homeware styles – depending upon your overall interior and the place where you have to hang your wall clock. 

If you’re not-so-sure about what type of wall clock you should go for in a particular place at your home then don’t worry. Read below and at the end you’ll be able to decide and buy a perfect wall clock for your living space. 

1.The room where wall clock is to be mounted 

Can you picture a huge vintage accent wall clock in a kid’s room? It will be an off as a decorative piece and anything that can fit in a children’s room. The point is you’ve to decide where exactly you want your wall clock? If it’s for the living room, probably go for a voguish wall clock that blends in with the overall interiors. 

For the kid’s room, you should choose a wall lock that’s vibrant and funky. It will be an interesting addition and your children will learn a lot from that clock without considering it boring. 

If you want a wall clock for the master bedroom then probably go for more elegant design with subtle colors. It also depends upon how you have styles your furniture and other decorative items. Don’t go for a big clock though if your bedroom isn’t too spacious. 

For the kitchen, you can choose a more sleek styled wall clock. The kitchen’s wall clock shouldn’t be too obvious and prominent. It would look more good in a subtle design and style. 

2.Where to mount a wall clock? 

Once you have a wall clock that suits your room then it’s time to decide where to fit it. You can’t just randomly hang the clock as it will look absurd. What you can do is choose a wall that’s empty. Expert interior designers are of the view that you should mount the wall clock at eye-level in standing position. But if you want to hang it high enough then you can. It will look good if the size is large. Be sure to always mount the clock at least 9 inches below the ceiling to make it look aesthetically appealing. 

Speaking of aesthetics, you should also consider the functionality. You surely don’t want to hang a clock high enough that nobody is able to see what time it is. Also, you don’t have to place it too low as if you’re showing the time to your guests. So, just see how it looks great and blend in well. 

3.Size of the wall clock 

Size of the clock matters a lot, especially when you have to hang it with other decorative items. 

Notice the size of your wall and the room and choose a clock accordingly. If you have an empty, big wall then you might have to choose a larger clock as compared to the one you’ll hang on a small or already decorated wall. A clock with an intricate and big frame will look great on an empty wall. It will not only be there to tell you the time but will also serve as a decorative piece. 

4.Color of the wall clock

Colors add life to your living space. If you have otherwise dull furnishings then prefer a bright-colored clock that will brighten up the entire look of your room. You can choose a contrast color or a color that blends in. It depends on the overall theme of your place and your preferences, of course. 

Bright lime shades and earthy shades are trendy. You can go for some red shade if you want to give your place a warmer look. But if you prefer a bright look then go for lemon colors. 

5.Perfect match for your room 

The shape, size, and color of your wall clock should express the overall “feel” of your room. So, just see how your clock fits in. Does a light shaded clock frame would look good or a vibrant color that’s in contrast. A sleek clock will look good on a wall that’s not too wide. A round and big clock would look elegant for a wider and empty wall.

Similarly, a plain clock will be great if there are already decorative items on the wall. But if the room and wall look simple and there’s a void, a crushed crystal clock will fill it with grace. 


Clocks are back as a decorative piece this year. A clock also has a functional purpose but the style and frame of your clock count a lot when it comes to the overall room design and interior. Before buying a clock, be sure you choose one that goes perfectly well for a particular room. Always adjust the clock accurately to make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. and don’t go for a clock that is too big or too small for the wall. Read above to know how to choose the perfect clock for your living space and make it a statement.