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It takes just one story to get inspired and work to achieve one’s goal. What’s better than listening to the stories by the verifiable themselves.

Verifiable Talks a platform created by young inspiring Chris Bivins brings the real life inspiring stories of verifiable to everyone. Learnt under the mentorship of Hip Hop legend Nelly, Bivins is a verified instagrammer and one of the youngest producers at BET.

COVID 19 pandemic has been very stressful for everyone which has led to lack of communication among everyone. Verifiable Talks acts as a platform to show everyone the importance of effective communication. Bivin stated, “Success is important but accomplishment even at very small scale is way more important to be considered as a verfiable.”

According to Bivins, “ its not important to get verified on Instagram or any other social media platforms to be a verifiable as most of the winners don’t consider getting verified as they are more hungry to work and achieve new heights.”  Verifiable Talks provides spotlight to less talked about winners and the conversation with them is more important to Chris Bivins as they need a platform to tell their stories and inspire new generation.

Bivin stated, “ Instagram bluetick is merely a marketing tool. Younger generation gives it priority as it gives them medium to speak their mind to the audience.”  Matt Barnes a former Los Angeles Laker and host of “All The Smoke,” saw a spark in the idea of Verifiable Talks and decided to be the first guest of Verifiable Talks. Apart from honoring the Verifiable Talks with his appearance Matt also sponsored first five episodes of the platform.

Verifiable Talks is gaining the attention of everyone at a very rapid pace. Chris Bivins believes that with time the audience of Verifiable Talks with grow and he will be able to spread more positivity with it.

Every week Chris uploads two episodes of Verifiable Talks on his instagram account @ChrisBivins. And in case you missed it, don’t worry you can watch it on youtube at Youtube.com/ChrisBivinsTV.

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