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In this highly proficient world, everyone is running after a good lifestyle, substantial job and rich status. People burnish their skills and weaknesses, their reasoning ability and tenacity. Today’s youth has turned so much self-oriented and an opportunity seeker that he forgets about values and ethics that are to be followed up along with their career and education. This is a result of elimination of value education in higher classes. We are so much concerned about academic knowledge that a student lags in paying attention towards disciplines of work.

Failing in value education is seed of pluralistic ignorance, anxiety, dishonesty, inadequate leadership quality and unemployment faced by educated youths. As a consequence, millennial become a part of developed organizations but break down at times of work load, peer pressure and dissatisfaction.

You know, Japan has the best education system. Reason being, they pay attention towards manners before knowledge. Until the age of 10 a child is taught self control, determination, etiquettes and morality. They learn about teamwork and hygiene by cleaning their schools themselves. Moreover, student’s health and meals are kept under systematic observance and they are supposed to dine along with teachers to maintain a good teacher-student bond. Apart from academic education, Japanese education system also gives importance to non scholastic activities to inculcate socio cultural ethics in them. Equality is first discipline of their schools to promote sense of community among students. All this helps their students to maintain a balance at every stage of life.

In the similar fashion, to teach children good values we use teachings of Lord Krishna, in our stories to give better and valuable understanding. With reference to GITA project, we have taken an initiative to teach our students the importance of our culture and values. Lessons of Bhagwat Gita and Lord Krishna have provided solutions for many of our life problems. Such teaching pattern inculcates patience and contentment, helps in understanding what success should mean, teaches us how to overcome fears, tells us the importance of human life, and many other morals which help us to face obstructions of life.

“Unised International” inculcates values in your kids through stories rather than teaching mere definitions and logics. We teach to make a child understand not only to make him study. Education is not only cramming the morning prayers, syllabus poetries, math formulas or being aware. It also counts the reasons and ethics behind what you speak, write, listen, understand or deliver. It uses real life examples, animations and success stories to teach students how to work with discipline. Difference between education and value based education is education teaches a child how to use a technology while value based education teaches him the how much to use a technology. Knowing the boundaries and limit to do something is very important because anything done in excess spoils your natural acceptance and satisfaction.

Our school supports value based education because it implants self responsibility and helps in personality development of a child. Values play major part in this kind of development because it is not eleventh hour improvement that you can bring in yourself. It is a life time practice rather than an hour preparation. Books are only nouns until their meaning show up in your career and behavior.

Most of the psychological disturbances are a result of imperfect education system. When a person is not able to meet the peer pressure or the world’s lifestyle he begins neglecting what he himself possesses. Similarly, the students who lack values get disappointed on failures. For us values based system is of a great importance because “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school- Albert Einstein”.

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