Users will be able to find favorite contacts faster with WhatsApp’s new feature

WhatsApp constantly adds new features and works to improve the user experience. According to recent sources, the instant messaging app is actively developing features that will improve communication with your loved ones. The Meta-owned messaging app is reportedly working on adding a favorites page to chats so you can quickly locate the individuals you communicate with. This information comes from reports in WA Beta Info, a reliable source for WhatsApp news. WhatsApp is also developing a feature that will allow you to reply to status updates more quickly.

Adding a favorites tab to WhatsApp:

According to a report on WA Beta Info, the well-known messaging app WhatsApp is working on a new feature for managing favorites as of the most recent version of the WhatsApp beta for Android. Users of WhatsApp will soon be able to add, reorganize, and delete their favorite contacts and groups directly from the app’s settings, according to a screenshot that the magazine posted.

This addition, which is slated for a later app update, would facilitate users’ ability to access and arrange their favorite contacts and groups from the calls tab. It should be noted that no alerts are sent out informing users when contacts or groups are marked as favorites.

According to earlier rumors, WhatsApp is also developing a feature that would enable users to filter their chats and make message sort easier.

WhatsApp to speed up replying to status updates:

According to a different WA Beta Info report, WhatsApp is developing a new feature that would let users respond to status changes instantly. Users will find it simpler to express their gratitude for other users’ material when they can add replies to status updates-a feature that is scheduled for release in the future. Notably, instead of cluttering up the chat thread, these responses will be visible on the status screen itself. This change from the way reactions currently show up in conversations tries to maintain conversational order while still making it simple for users to interact with status changes.

Although WA Beta Info is a trustworthy source, one should proceed with caution when reading the details of these impending changes. We will have to wait for WhatsApp to confirm these features as the instant messaging service hasn’t made an official announcement about them.