US President Joe Biden will attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth

Although the date of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral has not been set, it is anticipated to occur on September 19 in London.

According to US President Joe Biden, he will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in the UK.
After ruling for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch with the longest reign in the UK, passed away on Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She was 96.
Although the exact date of her funeral is unknown, it is anticipated that it would be held in Westminster Abbey on September 19—the same place where the Queen was crowned in 1953.
“Yes. I do not yet know the specifics, but I will go “At the Columbus International Airport in Ohio on Friday, Biden spoke to media.
When asked if he will attend the Queen’s funeral, he gave his response.

The president stated that he had not yet spoken to King Charles III in response to a different query. He continued, “I know him, but I haven’t talked to him yet.
In his homage to the Queen on Thursday, Biden spoke warmly of both their first encounter, in 1982, and their more recent one, in 2021, when she hosted him when he was travelling abroad.
She stood in solidarity with the United States during our darkest days following 9/11, when she vividly reminded us that, “Grief is the price we pay for love,” he said. “She delighted us with her wit, moved us with her generosity, and freely shared with us her wisdom,” he added.

Presidents, prime ministers, monarchs, and queens, as well as sizable audiences from both home and abroad, are anticipated to attend the funeral of the Queen.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated in Brussels that Queen Elizabeth II was a strong, unifying force that provided millions of people from all walks of life with comfort and fortitude.
He said, “I express our sincere sympathies to our British friends, the government of the United Kingdom, and the royal family on behalf of the United States.”