Urban Fêtes From Shannon Waldron, The Life Of The Party

Ambitious individuals are rather hard to spot with the present uncertain times. Yet there seems to be a list of exceptions since great people must always invest in great ideas. Shannon Waldron puts forward Urban Fêtes, since 2011 it has proved to be an exquisite spot which brings about a development in the field of Lifestyle Marketing.

Once he was done with his BSc in Business Management, Waldron never spent time in bootless leisure, getting straight to the business. His aim has always been to mix in the rich culture along with a successful business in order to create venerable lifestyle. Millennials have been stepping up the game, specialising in a bunch of different fields, market being the most prominent ones. Shannon brings them all together, the eminent brands and corresponding leaders, to promote the monotonous lifestyles people follow.

Urban Fêtes has managed to really stand it’s ground and provide for innovative ways of entertainment throughout, adding life to the party. It has been quite popular, attracting a lot of attention from all over the world. Since it has been functioning, it managed to host a number of events in a number of popular places like Chicago, New York, Detroit, Dallas, London and Los Angeles. Not just this, it has organised a number of artists showcases and important panel discussions for film festivals. Music festivals are also not uncommon to them, the largest number of bookings being from South by South West (SXSW) in Austin, TX an Atlanta’s music festival and conference (A3C).

How many times have you seen a movie where the couple is listening to music over headphones an vibing to whatever they particularly want to tune in on, quite romantic isn’t it? Well, Shannon Waldron has been quite proud over this series of “Silent Parties and Silent Listening Experiences”. It is your choice, you no longer have to compromise according to the majority of the crowd in the party, choose your own music type and keep swaying. Indeed, the silent parties have been so popular that it managed to host in 64 markets and curate corporate events for Brooklyn Nets, Sony Music, national organisation of minority architects, Live Nation, Quicken Loans and also Tom Joyner cruise. Silent parties are indeed on the rise since people really like to have a differentiated music taste these days, not everyone enjoys pop or rock. Be it RnB, jazz or metal, you can simply head bang without allowing anybody to judge you!

Shannon Waldron has always prioritised the audience. His visions carry a lot of weight since it is a matter of social importance. According to him, ideas need to be innovative and dynamic, people seldom like the traditional ways of partying.