Unleashing his power of Music and ruling as a top rated DJ, Donny Duardo shares exclusive details on his aspirations and projects

Imagine walking into one of the finest clubs and realising the playlist is disheartening ?Sad. Is it not?

No matter how good the ambience is, it can’t set your mood the way good music and beats can.

This is where a Dj comes into the picture. A maestro behind setting the right vibe with his skills, the talent of a Dj stands unmatched.

Young Dutch Sensation, DJ Donny Duardo is one who has emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

With his spectacular hits like Savage and Amsterdam , Donny Duardo has highlighted his grandeur in this profession.

With millions of streams on e-platforms like Spotify and YouTube, Donny Duardo has shown how far hardwork and passion towards making yourself better by each passing day, can take you.

Donny Duardo started off at a very young age, drawing inspiration from his parents. He stated by mixing music on his laptop. Soon he realised how much he loves doing this and that he wanted to pursue this full time.

He envisions himself performing at Mega Music festivals and world’s biggest clubs.He has immense support and love from his fans. Afterall, with his impeccable talent and knowledge of music,he has delivered fantastic hits for his audience.

He deserves the love and appreciation showered upon him. This is just the beginning of his golden career.