“Tunde” Making Music Scene Bigger in UK

Born and raised in ​Chorlton,​ ​Manchester​, fast-rising rapper Tunde​ continues to make waves on the country through his thumping songs and freestyles. Drawing heavy influence from across the pond, namely the B​ay Area​ of​ California​, he blends their unique ,niche style with his own. Whilst still naturally stressing his Northern accent and the dialect of his peers, this fresh but close to home approach makes for a truly one of a kind rapper. This paired with his mixed ​British​ and ​Nigerian​ heritage, makes ​Tunde​ someone special by default.

Originally kicking off his career in music to honour a close friend – who also made music before his passing – Tunde​ instantly picked up a viral response after the release of “​Mob City”​ featuring ​Joe Blow and ​Lil AJ​. Quickly reaching ​1m​ ​views​ on YouTube​ and currently sat on 1​.3m​ ​views,​ the rapper’s authenticity and aforementioned unique style seemed to be resonating well with Link​ ​Up​ ​TV’s​ widespread urban audience. However, the artists featured on the song meant he also connected well overseas, with popular West-Coast figureheads collaborating with him on his official debut.

Building the rapper’s confidence in his ability and appeal, he then quickly followed up his first official single with a series of freestyles via some of the UK’s most popular and most respected platforms. Joining Birmingham’s key urban channel P​110​ for the second season of their “Hood’s Hottest”​ series, this also took off and has so far gained almost ​2m views (1.9m) on ​YouTube.

Less than two months later, ​Tunde f​ollowed up his stunning debut freestyle with another, one that would eventually become bigger and more well-received. The rapper soon hit the capital for his

“​NextUp”​ freestyle (currently his highest viewed video at 2.4m views),which arrived courtesy of Mixtape Madness​.

Only two months after that dropped, ​Tunde ​joined C​harlie Sloth f​or his renowned “​FireIn The Booth”​ ​Apple Music Beats 1​ series (which also reached 1m views recently). This propelled ​Tunde into a higher tier of popularity, particularly between his hometown and London​. His social media growth was significant, going from a few thousand followers to a solid ​64k​ in less than​ 6 months​.

These freestyles let fans know his upbringing and lifestyle, offering humble tales from his not so distant past. Also, bringing listeners into his world during the latter half, as the freestyle was split over two beats,​Tunde ​just wouldn’t be Tunde ​unless he also rapped about his love for luxury and lavish things. This authenticity is what attracts people, the same authenticity he brought to his “​Say Less Do More​“ collaboration with fellow Manchester born-and-raised rapper Meekz ​which arrived in between this flurry of freestyles.