Travel Around London in Style – How to experience London like a VIP

London is one of the most famous and exciting cities in the world, and it’s no surprise that millions flock to visit its sights every year. But with so many people, what do you do if you want to stand out from the crowd? Of course, VIP experiences are usually the preserve of celebrities, politicians and other people with large bank accounts. But with a little planning, you can enjoy a luxurious taste of the capital without having to take out a second mortgage.

But how? Your first stop should be to check deal sites like Groupon for any special offers on VIP experiences. If you want to visit popular attractions like the London Eye or Buckingham Palace but don’t want to queue with the hoi polloi, these can be a great solution. You’ll get to skip lines, and can often secure access to areas not typically open to the public. Moreover, if you book using a deal site, these advantages often come at a surprisingly affordable price.

But what good is a VIP experience if you’re using the bus and tube to get around? Really important visitors travel by limousine – and you can too! Because most limos in London seat at least six people – with many capable of carrying up to 16 (Party buses can do up to 30) – this method of transport can be really affordable for groups travelling together and splitting the cost. They’re comfortable, spacious and come with lots of luxurious extras, plus the services of a dedicated chauffeur ready to take you wherever you want to go.

Want to make like your favourite movie stars and shop the designer boutiques of Mayfair and Bond Street? For the uninitiated, a trip into one of these high-end stores can feel uncomfortably like a scene in Pretty Woman. But with the help of a personal shopper, you can negotiate this unique world like a pro. And while you’ll need to splash out a bit of cash to secure their services, it’s one of the more affordable ways to enjoy an authentic VIP experience in the capital.

Ultimately, however, London is all about its hidden secrets and surprises, and the most exclusive VIP access in the world won’t guarantee you an authentic experience. So get out there and start exploring, and you’ll soon be making some invaluable memories of your own!