Trailanx Review: Is Trailanx Legit and Worth Your Time?

Trailanx is an Estonian -based cryptocurrency interest account platform that offers compound interest of 15% for stable coin assets.

If you are just entering your crypto interest account search, welcome to a world where cryptocurrency holders can automatically and passively accrue interest on their digital assets. 

Trailanx is not a newcomer to the cryptocurrency interest account block, it offers some of the industry’s more competitive rates. 

So, you may be wondering, is Trailanx legit? It’s an efficient platform with a big team with a lot of funding like industry pioneers BlockFi and Celsius. It’s in the conversation as a top cryptocurrency interest account platform

The following Trailanx review examines its interest account product, security practices, usability, team community trust, as well as an exclusive interview with a representative from the Trailanx team.

Trailanx Review: Quick Summary

Trailanx is an Estonian-based company founded in 2019. It is available worldwide, excluding locations prohibited by Trailanx Policy or Sanction Laws.

The platform has accumulated about $850M in assets under its management from over 5,000 users, according to its site.

There is no minimum balance to qualify for crypto interest.

Trailanx offers: 15% Interest on USDT/BTC and USDC Assets

Deposits are converted from bitcoin to a stable coin on the users dashboard

Deposits are free and users can withdraw anytime. However, there are withdrawal fees and a daily withdrawal limit of 100 BTC.

Signing up for Trailanx is a fairly straightforward process, with the typical KYC requirements.

Interests are accumulated every 24 hours, and there is a minimum withdrawal of 50$

How Does Trailanx Make Money?

Like most other crypto interest accounts, Trailanx works a bit differently. Its has an aggregation approach to investing with multiple investments acting as a check and balance system, meaning Trailanx does not have a one way approach to making profit on Assets under management. 

Trailanx invests Assets in Its Crypto Mining Operations, in Its Spot Arbitrage Trading Systems and Also has a lending Arms which lends Digital assets to decentralised protocols.

“We have incredibly stringent capital requirements in place of our counterparties,” comments Zhang. “In any case, we’re very selective with whom we lend to. We only lend to corporate entities with good credit scores and we will verify this with them during the onboarding process, and the Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio of our loans is usually 70% or lower.”

Trailanx also owns a Decentralised exchange which can be found at

providing liquidity to this exchange also serves as a major source of income for Trailanx Investors. The Exchange allows users to swap any binance smart chain token in a matter of seconds.

Trailanx Review: Security

The platform requires that you set up 2FA before you can make a withdrawal, which helps keep accounts secure and prevent unauthorized withdrawals. Trailanx uses industry-standard encryption and other safety regulations to ensure that assets and information on its platform are protected.

As of this writing, Trailanx has never been hacked.

Trailanx primary custodian is Fireblocks, a leading digital asset custody solution that employs various methods to ensure the safety of assets. Fireblocks holds assets in a mix of offline cold storage and insured hot wallets; all user deposits are never in the same place at once.

Trailanx Review Final Thoughts: Is Trailanx Legit?

Overall, Trailanx offers a pretty competitive product in an increasingly competitive industry.

Trailanx is a company whose business model doesn’t seem inherently riskier than any other crypto interest account provider. They have a solid team in Place and have Incorporated the right partners in their growth as a company. It is a pretty decent outfit, and our readers can also opt in for an experience by visiting their website to sign up