Toyota’s electric SUV that rivals the Hyundai Creta was unveiled: based on the Suzuki Maruti eVX

In line with its long-standing strategic partner, the Japanese automaker Toyota has revealed the details of its next all-electric compact SUV concept, known as the Toyota Urban SUV. Toyota claims that this SUV will go into production and be released globally the following year. Curiously, the eVX, Maruti Suzuki’s first fully electric small SUV, will serve as the basis for this SUV, and astute observers will notice the remarkable similarities between these two concept vehicles.

Is it an eVX from Maruti Suzuki rebadged?

Very probably. The eVX is the first product of the partnership between Suzuki and Toyota to develop electric automobiles. Based on appearances, the new Toyota electric SUV appears to be the second vehicle from this collaboration. Its proportions are among the primary causes for the perception that the recently presented Toyota Urban SUV concept is a rebadged Maruti eVX. The length of this new concept automobile is 4,300mm, the same as that of its Maruti equivalent. Its additional dimensions are 1,620 mm in height and 1,820 mm in breadth. In contrast, the eVX has dimensions of 1,800 and 1,600 mm, respectively.

The fact that both SUVs have been spotted with extremely similar-looking 20-inch alloy wheels that are equipped with aeroblades raises more questions. This strengthens the argument that it is a rebranded model. Similarly, there seems to be a striking similarity between the two models’ C-pillars, a modest yet characteristic design aspect of any car. Viewers with an eye for detail will also see parallels between the Maruti eVX and the Toyota Urban SUV’s wheel arches.

Shared Design

The Maruti Suzuki eVX and the brand-new Toyota Urban SUV EV concept will both use the same 27PL skateboard platform. Both brands are working on this platform, which will be made domestically in India. It is quite probable that the business will manufacture these SUVs for both local and foreign markets at Suzuki’s Gujarat plant.

Concept Style of Toyota Urban SUV

The business claims that the Urban SUV concept and upcoming Toyota EVs, especially the bZ compact SUV idea, have similar design languages. It features angular body contours and tough exteriors. The SUV also receives C-shaped LED daytime running lamps, and its tough SUV design is evocative of Toyota’s current range of electric vehicles.

Alternatives for a powertrain

The business has not yet disclosed the specific powertrain details of this SUV idea. It does, however, mention that both front- and all-wheel-drive powertrain options will be available. The engine configuration will probably be the same as that of the Maruti Suzuki eVX.

When the concept car for the future Maruti Suzuki eVX was first unveiled at the Indian Auto Expo this year, it had a 60 kWh battery. It was claimed that it will have an amazing 550-kilometer range. The production model, according to recent sources, may have a 48 kWh battery that is marginally smaller and provides a 400 km practical range.

Date of launch

As previously reported, Toyota has disclosed that the production model of this SUV will make its public debut in 2025. Most likely, the Maruti Suzuki eVX, which is expected to be on sale in early 2025, will come first before the Toyota Urban Concept SUV. These new Toyota SUVs should be available in showrooms by mid- to late-2025.