Tokenpuss: The Most Anticipated Public Sale Approaches

Tokenpuss is a collection of 10,000 unique platypus avatars, a beloved Australian species. The Tokenpuss NFT collection is different in many ways and the value this collection is going to have now and in the future has thousands of people eager to mint their very own. This public sale starts on December 12, 2021, at 06:00 PM UT and you can take part by visiting their website

New NFT projects are coming every day promising perks and profits for presales and holders. Some deliver what they say, and others fail and fade in the clouds of time. But those who have a use case, ongoing recognition, and never-ending popularity, on top of that, serve nature – they never fail. Only such projects can have future value and they deliver far more than promised. One such project is Tokenpuss.

Tokenpuss might sound like a charity project but it is community-based as well as it services the platypus species and the community of holders. Starting from December 12, 2021, Tokenpuss is coming with loads of airdrops and special perks for the community and holders as well. Tokenpuss drops exclusive rewards of NFTs, unique pieces of merch, and thousands of dollars in Ethereum to their community.

The rewards will be distributed in the community as they grow along the roadmap set by Tokenpuss. They have also planned to launch a blockchain game in association with AA Game. This will not only add value to their NFT collection but it will provide a marketplace to trade those NFTs as well. This game will beautify and upgrade the Eth world where the cute platypus NFTs reside. Tokenpuss will donate 10% of its profits as a charity to create an awareness campaign to save the platypus species which is nearing extinction. These funds generated will also be used to preserve the wildlife as a whole.