Today’s Doodle Celebrates Qixi Festival 2021

This evening, sentiment is noticeable all around as two stars rejoin in the sky above. The present Doodle commends the Qixi Festival, or the Double Seventh Festival, which began from a 2000-year-old fantasy of star-crossed darlings.

As per one of the old legends, a bull herder named Niulang wedded the heavenly weaver Zhinü, who was a pixie and the girl of a sovereign. Zhinü’s mom before long knew about her little girl’s union with a human being and constrained her to get back to the sky. Sorrowful, Niulang canvassed himself in an enchantment bull stow away to visit Zhinü. To isolate the darlings, the sovereign filled the sky with the waterway of stars currently called the Milky Way.

Several was given into the sky a role as the stars Altair and Vega and permitted by the sovereign to meet once per year on a scaffold of jaybirds over the Milky Way. This yearly get-together happens on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar schedule. Today, couples recognize this heartfelt story by going on dates and trading gifts and roses to show their profound respect.

Cheerful Qixi Festival!