Today’s Doodle Celebrates Estonia Independence Day 2022

On this day in 1918, Estonia’s freedom was made authority in the capital of the city of Tallinn. The present Doodle commends the introduction of the Republic of Estonia on its Independence Day.

Estonia’s tricolor public banner, portrayed in the Doodle fine art, is raised over Tallinn’s notable Toompea Castle to formally start the present functions. Numerous Estonians partake in the day’s merriments by tuning into a broadcast of conventional festivals, including talks by nearby dignitaries, a show, and the laying of wreaths at Tallinn’s noteworthy Freedom Square.

To pay tribute to Estonian customs, an exemplary dinner of kiluvõileib, an open-colored sandwich finished off with a sprat filet, is served the country over as residents consider over a hundred years of statehood.

Blissful Independence Day, Estonia!