The wedding documentary RiAliTY will soon be screened by Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal

Actors Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal wed on October 4 of last year after the epidemic significantly postponed the wedding.

With their production company Pushing Buttons Studios, Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal, who wed last year, are now taking on the role of producers. Their first project was an unusual wedding film called RiAliTY. The wedding documentary’s teaser, which also captures the preparations and commotion leading up to the couple’s pre-wedding celebrations in Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow, was released by the couple on Monday.

Revealing coverage of a celebrity wedding

The Rahul Singh Dutta-directed wedding documentary will show not just the couple’s beautiful wedding but also the pre-D-Day shoot from the viewpoint of Ali and Richa’s close friends and family. Additionally, their wedding occurred while the across the country COVID standard was in force last year. The teaser features a frenzied trip through which dozens of BTS clips are interspersed.

On RiAliTY, Richa and Ali

The truth of weddings is a number of feelings, including joy, worry, excitement, and everything in between. We made an honest effort to capture the real essence of our wedding experience in our documentary, RiAlity. Every emotion possible was woven into a tapestry for our wedding. We are attempting to make sense of the complexities of that experience through RiAlity. In a statement, Richa stated, “It’s a mirror reflecting the reality behind the glamor and a candid picture of two people from humble beginnings.

We are being very honest about our feelings, our problems, and our achievements as we planned this union, said Ali. RiAlity is proof that while love isn’t always perfect, it is always sufficient. Love is profound, messy, and worth risking all for. Not just as performers, but as two regular people in love, RiAlity captures part of the essence of our experience. We intended to show the impact of this to everyone, not just through our own eyes but also through the eyes of others around us. This document serves as our way of expressing, ‘This is us – flaws, dreams, and all. And there is a bit of you in us and a bit of us in all you.’