The Vande Bharat Express train’s nose was replaced after it was hit by cattle. See photos

When three to four buffaloes unexpectedly appeared on the railroad track, the engine’s front section was destroyed. The train arrived at its destination on time with no injuries to its passengers.

The Vande Bharat Express, which runs from Mumbai Central to Gandhinagar in Gujarat, was damaged by animals on Thursday morning but was quickly fixed at the coaching care centre. Only the front of the engine took the blow, leaving no other working parts of the train unharmed. On Thursday, shortly after the accident, which happened at around 11.15am, a picture of the Vande Bharat Express with animal damage went viral.

After three to four buffaloes crossed the railway line, the front portion of the engine was damaged. However, the mishap did not delay the train, which departed shortly after the corpses were removed and arrived in Gandhinagar on schedule.

The nose cover is made to withstand impacts without passing them along to the train’s working components. As a result, it is replaceable by design and is sacrifice by design, an official stated. “Railway has enough spare nose cones on hand. The official added that the train left Mumbai on Friday without causing any inconvenience to the passengers. “It was quickly replaced with a new one in the Mumbai Central depot during the repair, and the train is put back into service without any additional downtime,” the official said.

Some Congress politicians began to raise concerns about the Vande Bharat Express’s robustness as a result of the disaster, which started to take a political turn. Nitin Agarwal of the Congress shared both the popular pictures from yesterday’s disaster and the picture of Prime Minister Modi launching the Vande Bharat Express. “Kuch door chalte hi..ghar se nikalte hi,” Agarwal wrote.

On September 30, Prime Minister Modi officially opened the Vande Bharat train that runs between Mumbai Central and Gandhinagar.

“This morning, the Vande Bharat express that runs between Mumbai Central and Gandhinagar Capital stations departed from Mumbai. Around 11.15 am, the train struck some buffaloes that had just walked onto the track, causing damage to the front area of the engine. The incident happened in Ahmedabad’s Vatva and Maninagar neighbourhoods “Jitendra Kumar Jayant, a spokesperson for Western Railway, stated.

“The train’s operator was entirely attentive. He immediately applied brakes and blew the train’s whistle, but it took him less time to react “Sumit Thakur, the head of public relations for the Western Railway, added that fencing work will be done on the Gandhinagar–Ahmedabad section in order to increase train speed to 160 kmph and prevent similar incidents in the future.