The number of iOS upgrades users will receive for the iPhone 15 has finally been revealed by Apple

With regard to flagship and lower-tier devices, Google and Samsung have improved their OS support. However, Apple has been doing that quietly for a number of years without drawing attention to itself. As an official document explains what buyers of the iPhone 15 might expect from Apple in terms of iOS upgrades and the amount of time they will be supported, the corporation appears to have changed its approach.

Although most iPhone users-even those with older models-have felt content with the iOS improving schedule for their devices, Google’s most recent move raises the possibility that something needs to change.

Apple’s Statement Regarding iOS Support for iPhone 15 Models:

Reliable tipster Mishaal Rahman found Apple’s support document in the UK, which states that iPhone 15 owners will receive OS updates from the firm for at least five years. As everyone is aware, Google and Samsung have lately raised the standards for their respective operating systems, with Google raising the stakes by promising Pixel consumers seven years of updates.

Apple, why now?

It’s possible that these adjustments prompted Apple to provide these facts to the public after all these years. However, we hope that Apple will also try to improve its support for iPhones; the release of the iPhone 16 models later this year could be the beginning of this.

Generally speaking, Apple has been able to quietly conduct business while providing dependable customer service and a long product life. Even their high resale value contributes to the brand’s increased popularity, and in nations like India, iPhones are seen as aspirational purchases.

Even though Google claims to provide 7 years of OS updates for the more recent Pixel phones, we cannot guarantee that the devices will remain operational for that amount of time. In comparison, Apple has demonstrated that its quality persists, thus given its prior performance, people are more likely to accept the firm if it decides to increase its support claim anytime soon than Google.

In addition to keeping the device up to date, OS support gives users the ability to fight any potential security flaws that can later cause millions of people and businesses to have serious concerns.