The jewelry company “Cappulo” (Russia) with a gross turnover of more than 1 million euros has become a partner of the International Congress of Real Estate and Investment (Germany)


The company will present its collections at the 6th Congress, which will be held on 02/25/2020 in Berlin in a private club of millionaires Berlin Capital Club am GendarmenMarkt, Mohrenstraße 30,10117 Berlin.

Cappulo is on the market for more than 3 years and has established itself as a brand that emphasizes quality and exclusivity, rather than quantity and standardization.

“We are not breaking into the mass market,” says Svetlana Stepanova, the founder and ideological leader of the company, “when I was a student I worked at a jewelry company, where we were taught how to create masterpieces, painstakingly working on every detail. The quality requirements were so high that now I cannot do differently.”

Svetlana Stepanova

It is not surprising that “Cappulo” makes a splash at world exhibitions (2019, Bahrain), wins competitions – “Russian Diamond Line-2019” in the categories “Exclusive” (for earrings and a ring in the AROMA collection) and “Gold Series” (for the legendary rings in the shape of flowers from the LALE collection); He is the winner of the “BEES AWARDS-2020” Award-nominated as “The Best Jewelry Brand”.

Svetlana Stepanova

Earlier the company had exhibitions in China, America, Italy, and Switzerland.

Work at Cappulo is always in full swing – after all, the client line is only increasing.

“We cooperate with media individuals, businessmen and politicians,” says Svetlana. On word of mouth, the brand’s news spreads from acquaintances to acquaintances, and here Cappulo discusses more and more new orders from precious metals with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Each product will be one of a kind.

The company will bring to the International Congress a limited collection of gifts issued specifically for this event. Gifts will be presented at the “Top congress awards – 2020” Award Ceremony to outstanding politicians and figures in the field of economics and international relations. This is an international award co-sponsored by The New York Journal and The American Reporter.

Among the 2020 awarded companies will be:

• Amir Tehrani, CEO of “Q-tec GmbH” & Partner “Emaar Properties”,

• H. E. Badr Al-Hajri, Chairman and CEO of “Square Exhibitions Management”,

• Baron Konstantin Von Bossner, CEO of “BOSSNER”,

• PJSC Gazprom,

• Daniel Yves Ebersold from “Philip Morris GmbH”,

• Paul Stankevicius, Stankevicius MGM,

• Princess of KSA H.H. Hanadi Ahmad Khader,

• God Nisanov, CEO of “Kiev square”,

Information Partners:

The American Reporter

The Los angeles Journal

The New York Journal

The Washington Journal

Yahoo Finance


Bees media group


  • The International Congress of Real Estate and Investments is a large, prestigious business event in Europe.
  • It is:
  • o   1000 delegates from more than 40 countries,
  • o politicians, statesmen, businessmen, investors, sellers of proposals, opinion leaders, representatives of financial institutions,
  • o   interstate open political dialogues and other public discussions,
  • o    the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation, exchange of experience, the establishment of new business ties, entry into closed clubs of investors, participation in charity,

It is:

  • startups;
  • construction companies and professional realtors;
  • gold and gold assets, IT – technologies, ICOs and venture investments, crypto currencies – block chain, securities of national companies, film industry and antiques, helicopter and yacht business, fashion, expensive clothes and luxury goods;
  • top speakers on business matters, increasing capital and personal effectiveness;
  • promotion of goods and services.

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