The Future Looks Bright for Jordan Lintz and HighKey

HighKey co-founder Jordan Lintz is a 23-year-old networking expert who has built his social media and influencer management companies to new heights thanks to his persistent and relentless work ethic, as well as his incredible drive to improve the marketing industry. He is currently leading the social marketing efforts at HighKey Agency and also plays a central role in further growing his latest venture, HighKey Clout.

Despite his young age, Jordan has managed to get all three of his companies earning seven and eight figures in sales within a short period of time. His first company, which he launched in 2016 while still studying at university, is an e-commerce company called HighKey Technology Inc. that specializes in selling consumer electronics. Jordan left school soon after to focus on growing HighKey, which has paid off because, through his and his team’s hard work, they managed to set up an incredibly profitable business.

Jordan stresses the importance of finding a good team to work with. Not only in terms of the skills and knowledge that they bring to the table, but also when it comes to their attitude and passion for the job. “The best team will come together by being attracted to the business model. A person who is forced to work is a bad employee; they should want to work and be grateful for the opportunity to be able to work for a company that they believe in,” Jordan explains.

While drop-shipping has helped build the foundation for his current success, Jordan’s two newest companies focus on personal branding, his true love. The entrepreneur has always been absorbed by the intricacies of networking and social media’s role in that, and knew that he had a natural savvy with relationship-building, whether online or in real life. That skill has helped him scale his business exponentially, allowing him to work with high-net-worth celebrities like Kevin Hart, Dababy, and Snoop Dog.

His newest company, HighKey Clout, is an influencer management company specializing in celebrity giveaways to grow its clients’ online platforms, so it’s particularly geared toward this endeavor. Jordan and his team have acquired high-value skills in building each company that directly translate to enhancing the next one, which has helped him grow his companies at a much quicker pace.

Right now, he’s focusing his efforts into building HighKey Clout, which launched just one year ago, into the new HighKey revenue leader. Therefore, this is the company that consumes most of his time at the moment. HighKey Clout has already achieved a whopping $10M+ in revenue within the first year of business. Both HighKey Clout Inc. and HighKey Agency Inc. are currently generating at least $250,000 per month, so he’s on track to achieve that goal.

Yet, despite all his wins in the last four years, Jordan is only increasing his efforts day by day. He doesn’t believe in separating free time from his work hours because he sees his work as his hobby, too, and enjoys it just as much. “I don’t work because I have to. I work because I want to. Social media is a huge market and lets me take advantage of my working hours and passion while continuously scaling HighKey,” he adds.

Have a look at Jordan’s Instagram profile, @jordanlintz, to get updates on his everyday life and business ventures, as well as info on the massive giveaways regularly hosted by HighKey.