The difference between tourist and globe trotter, interesting talk given by Ali Columbus (Ali Maleki), a famous Iranian globe trotter

Ali Columbus presented some explanations about the differences between a tourist and a globe trotter on his Instagram page. These beautiful and notable differences are as follows.

Tourists wear their usual clothes, and they often have comfortable dresses during the trip. Sometimes, the way they dress is uncommon, and more importantly, it may be insulting to the cultural norms and religion of the host country.

Globe trotters select costumes more accurately and bring an acceptable dress for the local society. They know that style and comfort are completely related to each other. Globe trotters carry practical, common, and neat clothes compatible with the cultural norms.

Tourists use their native language for communication and rarely speak the local language.

Globe trotters try to learn some keywords and useful phrases to use during their overseas trips. This group of people knows how to say simple words such as “hello,” “please,” and “thank you” because it creates a good impression when you are in a foreign country.

Tourists are easily fooled by shops selling local souvenirs and spend a lot of money on stuff they think is valuable.

Globe trotters, on the other hand, take their time to find local treasures and jewelry. These people know that exploring and finding valuable crafts takes more time, and they bring exquisite and precious stuff home. 

Tourists exclusively explore maps to find popular and spectacular sceneries. That is the reason why most adventures are not told by these people because they rarely get lost.

Globe trotters follow their instinct and visit various places and make trips. Note that following your instinct doesn’t mean avoiding using google maps, but these people don’t afraid of getting lost and having adventures. This approach leads you to experience beautiful things that you have never seen.