The difference between make-up and make-up from the point of view of Iranian beauty lady Deniz Makeup

You may have come across the words makeup, make-up and makeup in various hairdressing ads many times and you have wondered what the difference is between these words. Sure, you are familiar with the word makeup, but the word makeup reminds you in the first place of cinematic characters and behind the scenes of movies. Of course, when hairdressers use the word make-up, they do not mean cinematic make-up, and it is a kind of artistic make-up in which a person’s face is modified and beautified without creating nasty lines and colors on the face.

One of the prominent features of makeup is that it is a fashionable function and it changes every day. Your makeup may look beautiful today, but for example, when browsing wedding photos after a few years, your makeup is very strange or even ugly or funny. If you want your photos to be beautiful, stylish and attractive after many years, the appearance of your face should be a function of aesthetic principles and not a function of fashion. The only way to achieve this is professional and principled makeup.

What is the difference between makeup and make-up?

In applying makeup, the hairdresser emphasizes more on correcting the color and glaze of the face and its design and model. Changes the color of the face and facial features or adds to that color. But in makeup, the hairdresser works on correcting the shape of the face and creating angles.

In makeup, different colors are used more, but in makeup, the hairdresser works only with light shades and balances the protrusions, depressions and angles of the face by using dark and light backgrounds.

For example, makeup uses dark shadows behind the eyes, very thick eyelashes, dark cheeks and full-color and volumizing lipstick. But in makeup, we do not deal with these designs and models, but for example, to create a visual error, we use light shadows to make the smooth surface look convex or concave (sunken). Using these techniques, you can create an attractive face, without the need to use thick and dark makeup.

Makeup is the normal makeup of the face that is a function of fashion and changes with the change of year and even season.

After creating all the necessary highlights, all the light shadows should disappear well and then the coating should be applied on it. After this step, a very gentle make-up can be done. Due to the correction of the form and beautification of the face with make-up, there is no need to do thick make-up on the face, and by doing gentle lysiar make-up, the person’s face becomes very impressive.