The Breakdown: Tokenomics, Partners, and Roadmap

DeltaFlare’s token, Honor (HONR), is the currency that makes all of this possible. It will be the native token to acquire our NFT’s, and HONR wraps all of DeltaFlare into one element. HONR will be available on ShibaSwap upon launch and listed on other exchanges as we rapidly grow. We will apply expert marketing techniques and collaborations to give our project as much exposure as possible.


100,000,000 Max supply10% Team Allocations – Locked for 180 days15% Presales – Locked for 90 days5% Marketing Wallet – Gnosis Multisig Locked for 120 days45% Holding Wallet / CEX listings- Gnosis Multisig Locked for 120 days25% onto ShibaSwap – Liquidity Locked 12 months10% tax buy & sell – Gnosis Multisig Unlocked for metaverse/marketing

ContractChartTeam/Presale LockMarketing Wallet LockCoinMarketCap

Voxel X NetworkVoxel X Network is a decentralized ecosystem, and all products operate autonomously under the following governance and protocols: ⦁ Lead team divestiture policy ⦁ Private sale for long-term investors ⦁ Multi-sig wallet liquidity approval ⦁ Multi-sig marketing approval ⦁ Final contract audit ⦁ Liquidity event, full liquidity moved to a dead wallet


We will have an exclusive launch on ShibaSwap, and we are excited to bring the Shib Army to $HONR. We admire everything SHIB has accomplished and will accomplish and look forward to utilizing their future utility.

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  • Complete Roadmap