The actor Shohreh Ghamar’s fatherly adviced

Prominent actor Mrs Shohreh Ghamar’s definitely someone who has turned gray hair in the way of art is full of many guidelines, advices, tips and advices about acting and teaching this profession. These people present the result of a lifetime of effort, effort, experience and their knowledge in professional acting interviews, which can be a good source for acting training and cultivating the artistic talent of the actress. You can experience a free acting class.

During the discussion they had with us, they reminded us that: “We all know that school is the second educational institution after the family. Therefore, teachers play a significant role in the growth and development of students’ spirit of research and knowledge.” There are some people who can take a step in the way of acting education (educational teachers), they can revive the love of acting in children by cultivating creativity and creating enthusiasm and providing theoretical and practical lessons. Of course, this requires study and Research is about acting.

The amount of your love and interest and the intensity of your desire will show you your progress towards success. Every job has its own difficulties and acting is no exception to this rule. Rather, acting is one of the most difficult jobs, so you have to work hard for it. Always try to come to class on time, do the exercises on time, always do the homework, always be the first. Always be prepared ahead of others. Always be the first person who wants to study, do work or participate in class discussions.