Tara Moheb’s words about the sales department

Ever since Philip Cutler introduced the subject of marketing mix, or the four famous Ps, into marketing management, promotion has come to the attention of marketers as one of the four P’s and has become one of the key marketing terms.

Of course, this does not mean that before Cutler, no one thought about promotion and did not know what promotion is, but promotion as a paradox (covering many concepts) became popular after Cutler.

Suppose you have designed a product and defined the features of the product.

Suppose you have also chosen the pricing strategy and the final price of the product has been entered and extracted.

Also, suppose the channels and places of sale are determined.

Now you need to do three important things:

Let people (potential customers and audiences of your product and brand) know that your product exists;

Encourage them to consider your product as one of their options;

Finally, convince them to buy your product.

In marketing, this is called promotion.

(Some examples of product promotion from Tara Moheb language)

According to the explanation we gave, almost everything you do to “inform about the product” or “convince the customer to buy” is considered a promotion.

For example:

You may decide to launch a website or Instagram account to promote your product;

You may pay some shopkeepers to put your brochure in customers’ shopping bags;

You may want to budget for large-scale television advertising or city-wide banners;

You may decide to get buyers of your product to participate in a lottery;

Maybe hire some visitors and ask them to visit different stores in the city.

As you can see, promotion is a very broad concept and almost everything you do to introduce, promote and sell your product is a subset of promotion.

Of course, we know that none of these methods are perfect in themselves, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  So what usually happens in practice is that you mix and match a number of promotion methods.

This combination of methods is called a promotion mix.