Tap into a $200 Billion Dollar Branded Influencer Content Marketing Industry in less than 4 weeks with ‘Kickstart My Influence’ Online Mastermind Workshop by Jessica Lynne White

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Jessica Lynne White, a fast-growing name amongst social media influencers all over the world is here with a brand new workshop to teach young female entrepreneurs and digital marketers to successfully grow and monetize their businesses. We’re pleased to announce, “Kickstart My Influence – The 4 Week Mastermind Workshop for New Influencers.” The name itself screams passion and enthusiasm, and it indeed lives up to its name.

Jessica Lynne White is a successful social media strategist on many channels, influencer + PR expert and marketing cheerleader for newbies and even seasoned influencer professionals. She is also a Licensed Physical Therapist and a mindfulness coach in Los Angeles, California. Moving on, Kickstart My Influence workshop aims to deliver knowledge on everything needed to overcome the initial fears of becoming a social media influencer and find massive success online, even with a small following. There has never been a better time than today to become a social media influencer or strengthen one’s personal brand.

What if I told you the branded content marketing industry is worth a cool $200 Billion in North America alone?  That number is set to double by next year. And with this unending Pandemic and ever changing global economy, the branded content marketing industry is only showing growth while spreading its reach online.  Where once the tradition was going to the store, shop or mall, now even those of us that are not tech savvy are ordering happy hour drinks for delivery and grabbing all of our necessities online only. Amidst all this chaos, this is your chance to step into the ever-growing digital marketing industry with the help of Kickstart My Influence. Long gone are the days of Mega-Influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers and nothing but ad content with unengaged followers.  

Brands are sinking billions of dollars into Micro-Influencers (under 100k followers) because their audience is more engaged and that means more sales.  This workshop is on a mission to elevate people around the globe, especially women, and provide them with the resources to become more independent. Jessica wants women to get to celebrate that their content is not only being seen but building an authentic community that is grown organically.  Kickstart My Influence Mastermind Workshop is loaded with a set of step-by-step guides including high-converting emails, templates and pitch techniques that take the guess work out of pitching.  New influencers and bloggers can get paid collaboration deals working with their dream sponsors and brands right away (no matter how big or small your following!) Also included in the course:

*Achieve clarity on your specific niche and influencer brand

*Learn how to successfully pitch brands and get those all-important paid deals

*Plan & create thriving content that grows your following and makes your irresistible to brands

This is the perfect online course for those who want to become social media influencers, successful bloggers, monetize their presence on social media and open up new revenue streams from home. It is also for those who are driven to start a side hustle in this new day economy but only need a roadmap on how to get there. “I have spent hours upon hours learning the value of branding, and have realized that social media influencers ARE a brand.  I’m gonna save you hundreds of hours of heartache by condensing the fine points for you.  That way you can focus on creating content that sells to brands!” says Jessica.

Bonus features of Kickstart My Influence include all the strategies on how to leverage Instagram features such as stories, reels, and IGTV. Paid students will also receive Jessica’s custom Lightroom photo presets “Love Your Filter” bundle for free, so kick-starting your instagram feed aesthetic is seamless. To find out more about this influencer curated Mastermind Workshop, visit this link:

Jessica is the creator of the Zen Mom Life blog, a successful social media inlfuencer and strategist on many channels, and a branding & marketing expert. She is also a Licensed Physical Therapist as well as a Mindfulness Coach in Los Angeles, California.  

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