Fast Company’s Executive Board of 2022 shakes hands with coffeepreneur Brandon Ivan Pena

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“Today I am an Executive Board Member! I will be speaking, writing & participating in events to share my story, the things I’ve learned on my journey, social media and entrepreneurial journey!”, says Brandon Ivan Pena

Brandon Ivan Pena is now a part of the 2022 Executive board at Fast Company. He owns coffee brands like 787 Coffee, Hacienda Iluminada and BrandOn, believes that New York is a place that inspires him to accomplish what he sets out to do. His coffee brand will soon close the year with 15 coffee shops in New York City. Brandon highlights that NYC has made all of this possible and has given him incredible growth opportunities to raise the bar in the coffee industry.

The main reason for him as a successful coffee owner is his habit of systematizing the detailed and tested process to create the desirable and delicious means of coffee. Brandon himself is too addicted to coffee. So, he owns a coffee farm named hacienda iluminada in Maricao, Puerto Rico, where they grow, process, and grind their coffee beans to create a product of exquisite flavour. These seeds are distributed in the three stores in San Juan DE Puerto Rico, twelve in New York City, and More under construction in the same city.

Brandon is one of such people who have the motivation of dignity and love behind their hard work and success. In his youth, he realized that there are very few Latin names in the business world and none of them are in the high market. So he made it his purpose to take his people’s name to the top. Today Brandon has earned huge respect among high ups of the industry and got a lot of connections. On the other hand, his zeal for coffee led him to create a coffee brand that is getting acknowledged at a huge level around the world. In short, he achieved his all goals i.e., honourable Latin name on top and his own taste coffee adored by the people.

“The first business magazine I ever purchased, the first business conference I ever paid for, the monthly subscription I waited anxiously, beyond belief!”, says the man himself.


Coffeepreneur Brandon Ivan Pena soon to announce his next success with 787 Coffee

A closer look around us will let us know how different individuals and professionals have been moving their way to the top in their respective industries, thriving on their relentless drive, passion and perseverance. These individuals put every possible effort in turning their ordinary ideas into extraordinary business ideas, eventually clinching success. Brandon Ivan Pena is all about this and much more in the world of caffeine and cafes, where his coffee brands have garnered maximum headlines, especially across NYC. This passionate entrepreneur has now come forward to highlight his love for the city, giving us eights reasons why he loves living in NYC. Today, not only does he run a successful business but also raises the names of his people. He has created huge connections in the industry and is highly respected among them.

He says that people deserve to finally learn what properly grown and roasted, freshly brewed coffee tastes like instead of those easily purchased instant pouches. He wanted the experience to be as authentic and inspiring as possible, and for that, Brandon needed to ensure that 787 Coffee would never be grouped along with other such cafes. Brandon Ivan Peña is most successful and widely known for his involvement in the coffee industry. We say the industry as a whole because he has made himself a member of both the production and delivery processes of good quality coffee.
He dedicated himself to business consulting and youth motivational conferences. Being experienced in the business world from a young age, Brandon offers various workshops for new and young entrepreneurs through his company Brandon. Till now he has done many workshops in Design Shanghai, Latinos Pa Lante, SXSW, C2MTL, and Social Media Week Puerto Rico.

At 787 Coffee, they not only provide their customers with a freshest cup of coffee, but also focus on creating lasting memories and meaningful human interactions. Hence, while business competitors are mainly focused on profits, the priority at 787 Coffee is the relationships between their staff and customers. As such, they have decided to put the profits aside this holiday season, and focus on providing their amazing team the time to enjoy their families. While 787 Coffee loves the interactions it builds with its customers through coffee, they will be devoting their time to their families on December 24th and 25th, during which their shops will be closed. All of his projects such as 787 coffee, BrandOn, and Hacienda Iluminada have been famous among New York people. After taking a survey, we concluded that people are admiring his coffee because of its exceptional savor and super zest.