A story behind the shining success of Cherry Garg

In life there can be a rollercoaster of joys and sorrows but what really matters is how we deal with them and carry on with our life destined to carve a name for ourselves so that the world remembers us till posterity. This article specially shades light into the life of Cherry Garg.

From rising from a small city of Punjab to making it to the world stage Cherry garg has made a mark with his courage and talent. He has won the hearts of his audience through his sheer dedication for music. His music has helped his audience heal by letting their emotions flow and surround his surroundings with peace and serenity with the help of his music.

Cherry Garg shares that he was an extremely mischievous and an adventurous child. From his childhood he always used to seek happiness from the ideal moments of life. His family has a very rich and diversified tradition of music. He had a keen interest in various qualities that resonated with the aesthetics. It was the art that existed throughout his generation instilled in his veins which developed as an interest and shaped the artist that was in him. This passion urged him to go out there and create a name for himself amongst the extraordinaire

But every path an artist chooses has preparations worth making. Cherry’s journey also was also the same. He explored other interests other than the talent that he inherited so as to keep a backup; a backup meant not to pursue something different for life but instead stepping on a stone to avoid major breakout in the future. He chooses computer science engineering. Cherry’s curious mind let him to computer through which he could contribute something to the modern technology.

Today Cherry is collaborating with and working with several artists, composing originals, but the motto stays the which is to win peoples heart with his music.


Desert X Is Bringing Contemporary Art Back to the Coachella Valley Next Month

The California desert has for some time been a source of inspiration for artists seeking to make vast large-scale works that exist outside the regular exhibition typical gallery space. Desert X praises that convention by bringing contemporary artists from around the globe out to the Coachella Valley to make pop-up installations and site-specific pieces. The art festival returns for a keep running from February 9 to April 21.

While the rundown of artists and events that will make up this year’s festival have not yet been announced, those subtleties are relied upon to be discharged soon. The 2017 festival included 16 pieces, including contributions from artists Jennifer Bolande, Will Boone, and Glenn Kaino.

A standout amongst the most popular installations was artist Doug Aitken’s Mirage. The mirror-clad house reflected the surrounding mountains, nearly disappearing into the landscape. The building’s design referenced design styles of the locale while the unending reflections brought up questions concerning the connection between built and natural environments and the expansion of human development. It was also a really popular selfie spot.

Visiting Desert X is free and independently guided, with maps of the works of art accessible at various areas and on the web. Guided visits ($125) will likewise be offered in conjunction with Modernism Week in Palm Springs, February 14 to 24.

While the Desert X dates cover with the Coachella music festival weekends– and halting by the installations makes for a great road trip diversion for festival- goers– it’sa totally separate entity. Also,The undercurrent of all the art presented at Desert X is raising awareness of environmental and political issues and engaging visitors with the natural world.