Stefano Cicchini, the best Italian Travel and Food Influencer


Stefano Cicchini is a renaissance man on the cutting edge of culture and travel as we move into 2020.  Stefano is an Italian social media manager who uses his knowledge and vast experience to be an Italian travel and food influencer of social media trends and impact.

Stefano influence is found to be the strongest on the Instagram platform both on the national and international levels. He is mainly known for his activity as an Instagram influencer at national and international level and for his participation in very important social campaigns. Ranked among the top 250 Italian content creators by the marketing services company Buzzoole.

Stefano Cicchini was raised in the small fishing town of Termoli on the Adriatic coast of Italy.  As Stefano matured, he pursued economics and management studies, specializing in the fields of Web and Social Media Marketing.  He did this work at the universities of Rome “La Sapienza” and also in Florence.  This led Stefano Cicchini to his career as a Social Media Manager.  This led him to many opportunities with various communication agencies allowing him to learn and eventually become an Instagram Specialist (a professional figure who deals with the management and growth of Instagram profiles).

He is currently engaged as a Social Media Manager and takes his responsibility as an influencer very seriously. Stefano is often found travelling between Milan and Padua (going wherever the action is and reporting to his followers what he finds and what he is doing). Stefano collaborations vary from working with the Milan influencer marketing agency Influs, to also being a key contributor to the Instagram communications for the Velvet Media communication agency. Also in Milan he works as influencing marketing manager for the major brand Puma (which extends his partnership to the football club A.C. Milan).  Stefano organizes dedicated Instagram and You Tube campaigns coordinating influencers in the Milan area.

As mentioned before, Stefano is considered by Buzzoole among the top 250 Italian content creators.  This is due to Stefano being among the most followed and most active influencers in Italy.  Stefano’s food and travel blogs are among the most read, and followed, in the country. His collaboration with many national and international brands has rewarded him access to many very relevant campaigns. Among those are the following:

  • In 2018 he took part in the social sponsorship campaign of the first Formula E Grand Prix in Rome.
  • In the same year he was the Italian testimonial for Greenpeace’s #worldmeatfree campaign
  • Also in 2018 Stefano was asked to give a testimonial for the presentation of the new Toyota Aygo in Copenhagen.
  • In 2019 he documented one of the most anticipated popular festivals in Spain, Las Fallas in Valencia, as well as being a guest of the tourism bodies of
  • Currently is collaboration with tourism bodies in the creation of content to share on Social Networks of Finland, Holland, Thailand and Poland.

As 2020 begins is it obvious that Stefano’s hard work and dedication to the Italian food and travel market has made him a valuable resource to the region.  Stefano has accomplished the dream of finding his passion and actively pursuing it with a passion and clarity that draws people to his work.  Stefano is only beginning his path and the future looks exciting.

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