Some notes about being a good producer and documentary maker, according to Ali Pourmohamad, Popular Iranian art director

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Being a successful director in a journey of art and creating some new masterpieces requires some factors that all new young directors should know. Recently, Ali Pourmohamad on his latest speech on Hafez Festival exposed some notes to be a great and successful art director.

1. Focus on the teamwork

A big part of the job as an art director knows how and when to use different team members’ talents.  Team members are always like each parts of a machine, so you should put them in the right place. You cannot create this insane art making machine unless you know your team members’ personality.

2. Don’t focus on hierarchy

While you will be managing people, the job of art director is not about throwing your weight around. You have to be able to recognize the talent in those around you… An art director who sees themselves in a position of hierarchical authority is simply a glorified manager.

3. Make connections 

Of course, there is plenty that can be learned from your friends. Hang out with talented and experienced people who can help you, ask for their advice, share your ideas, and revise all the written scenarios. Long-term friendships can always be handy in difficult situations, so get through, and go make some new friends.

4. Gain knowledge

You will have a role in shaping the direction of projects and pushing the creative in new directions, so you’re going to need to be aware of industry trends and work hard to keep things updated. Stay on top of blogs and never miss trend reports. Creative exploration is one of the benefits of this industry, so get new information about your job. Use any platforms to grow your mindset, this includes books, movies, articles, blogs, interviews even social media platforms. Knowledge is power so search about new trends and types, when it comes to information within the arts; the audience plays a really critical part. 

5. Stay confident about the feedbacks

To be the leading art chief you’ll be, you’ll get to be sure giving criticism, both inside and exterior your studio. However, feeding back to external specialists – illustrators, photographers, animators and so on – can be trickier. We point to work with the best talent we can, and it’s simple to default to thinking they know best and your own experience isn’t as valid. But eventually, you know the brief, the client, and the result you want to achieve – it’s about working closely and collaboratively to urge there.

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