Snoopy-Con: Pack Your Rave Clothing & Fly To UAE Island For Tropical Party

Looking for an awesome party? You should consider Snoopy-Con, which will take place just off the coast of Fujairah, on the dazzling Snoopy Island. What’s even better, this two-day superhero party spectacle is eco-friendly too! So, is it time to pack your rave clothing and have a blast at the sun-soaked exotica of Snoopy Island?

Prepare your rave clothing and travel to a natural paradise

Snoopy Island is a true natural wonder. It is located in the Gulf of Oman, which is the only entrance from the Indian Ocean into the Persian Gulf. This rocky island is most famous for its vibrant coral reef, which is a shelter for a wide range of marine species. You can find sea turtles and clownfish swimming together in the crystal clear waters of this rocky offspring. Because of that, Snoopy Island attracts many divers and snorkelers throughout the whole year.

This year, Snoopy Beats will assure that this island will attract many rave enthusiasts! They are inviting you to release your inner superhero this November. Join the party enthusiasts at Snoopy-Con, pack up your rave clothing, and party alongside world-class DJ’s in the tropical beach paradise!

This will surely be a wild festival weekend organized by Snoopy Beats. Other than the superhero theme that is sure to boast with creativity, this event is dedicated to raising climate change awareness. If you’ve been to at least one outdoor festival, you probably have seen the chaotic aftermath of a party night. Plastic cups everywhere, and lots of work for the community service. At this festival, party-goers will sip from plastic-free cups. Also, the Snoopy Beats staff will hand away free t-shirts made from recycled plastic. This idea is sure to boost exposure to the real problems threatening our future!

The amazing DJ lineup

The white sands of Snoopy Island will host some DJ’s who offer grand beats, such as Caleesi, DJ Tennis, Jimi Jules, (hoolz) & Maks. This lineup, with their musical talents, will make sure that you are constantly on fire in the unique sun-soaked setting just off the coast of UAR. 

The vibes are sure to be amazing if we look at the Snoopy Beats track record. Dubai-based organizers introduced “Space Island” in February this year. The theme of this mini-festival was an otherworldly experience that is connected to the creation of Snoopy Island after an asteroid impact. It was surely a unique festival weekend experience that set the expectations high from Snoopy-Con. They also organize a Halloween-themed festival called Skull Island each year.

Snoopy-Con mini-festival will take place on the 1st and 2nd of November. Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort will host this unique party experience where you will be sure to rave your muscles out! 

So, if you enjoy the heat of the sun and the party, and are conscious of your environment, don’t wait for too long! This party is coming very soon, and the tickets are selling out rapidly! Pack up your rave clothing, because Snoopy Island is waiting for your positive energy!

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