T1 Tact Watch & Apple Smartwatch, Best Wristwear Gifts For Christmas 2019


The most popular consumer time of the year has arrived. It is the 4th quarter of the year, where nearly everyone is preparing to shop until they drop.   While trendy gifts for kids are easy to recognize with an internet scan, many need extra help for gifting adults. For those that fancy wristwear, this is a good year. Expensive and affordable are trendy.   The T1 Tact Watch and Apple Smartwatch are the best wristwear gifts for Christmas 2019.

The two smartwatches are worlds apart, when talking gifts.   For a young Hipster who just wants to be cool, the Apple smartwatch is the obvious choice for Christmas 2019.   The Steve Jobs brand spends hundreds of millions of dollars marketing, to make people recognize their ‘Apple’ logo.  This includes celebrities putting them in music videos, trendy magazines reviewing the latest releases, and commercials from the best ad creators.    This is a far cry from the alternative gift.

Tactical Smartwatch: T1 Tact Watch Price

T1 Tact Watch has never invested in major marketing.  Instead, the brand has relied on showing how ‘tough’ the watch is ,  at most. It can handle being set on fire and ‘bammed’ by a hammer, without cracking.  On top of this, it has great features and the price is far lower

T1TW is fairly new, but highly popular. The inventor of the watch however, has stated various times over the goal of the company is to be affordable.  The ‘tactical career’ and ‘student sector’ of consumers needs to be respected, the smartwatch brand founder believes. At only $79, which is a $10 increase from it’s initial price, T1 Tact Watch has kept true to the brand President’s belief.

Luxury Smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 5 Price

The Apple Watch of 2019 was the series 5 (see here).  It is far different in price from the T1TW brand.  The Steve Jobs founded company has instead become the symbol for ‘American greed.’  Nonetheless, it’s still probably the most popular smartwatch today. While it’s technology isn’t far above and beyond other wristwear devices that cost less than half,  the ‘Apple Watch’ series has become a status symbol of this generation.

The actual retail price of the Apple Watch series 5 starts at $500 retail.   This price can climb to $800 easily, depending on the specifics of internal technology desired at the time of purchase.    

The alternate pricing is worth it for some.   If you require a stainless steel wristband vs the high quality silicone, spend $800 vs $500. That’s the grand difference between the two watches.

T1 Tact Watch Syncs With Smartphones Cameras

The T1TW brand’s first release is called the “Midnight Diamond.”   It’s a 007-like black smartwatch. While it’s become trendy amongst the youth, it was originally for the ‘tactical’ career enthusiasts.   That all changed however once Pop culture icons of YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat found the watch a useful tool. Social media influencers got hip to the product after discovering it is a remote control for cameras of mobile devices.  This includes the Apple iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10, which made huge waves in the tech world in 2019.  

Internet stars simply use the remote control to set off their cameras to record pranks and social media experiments.

Does the Apple Watch have this remote control feature as well? Yes, but it does not sync with as many devices.   For less connectivity, one will be paying more. Expect to shell out possibly up to 10x more than you would for the ‘Midnight Diamond,’  to own the latest Series 5 smartwatch.

Gym Features of Both Smartwatches

Beyond the remote control for smartphone cameras, there are lots of other features these two intelligent timepieces have. 

First, the Apple Watch series 5 features the new, super-fast S5 chip.    The basic buy should have a minimum of 32 GB of storage. This data space is to be used in conjunction with the smartwatches’ applications.   Just as the Series 4, the five series is a great health tracker. It has heart rate monitoring, an onboard GPS tracking system, music playing capabilities, cycle tracking, and a noise meters.  Daily activity is measured by rings on the LED screen. These ‘sonic rings’ indicate if the wearer has roughly done enough activity to remain healthy.

The T1 Tact Watch has all of the features, excluding the music player.   It’s also got other basic features for gym that include a stopwatch, step counter, and distance tracker.    According to the official brand store, T1TactWatch.com, it also has a sleep monitor to help improve resting habits and a workout data analysis application.    Like the ‘rings’ on the Apple Series 5, the workout analysis app helps users of this watch improve strength and stamina.

Fake Smartwatches on Ebay and Amazon 

Do not buy these sporty watches on eBay nor Amazon.  The amount of fake merchandise on both sites is astounding.    How the two ecommerce giants have not been banned by 1st world countries is ‘loopholes and powers of super attorneys.’   Common sense however prevails for those with intelligence and eyes however.   

Anyone selling multiple watches at discount prices on these sites is likely fake.   To retail both T1 Tact watch and Apple, a ‘retail account’ is required by the brands.   Without a physical store presence, the product cannot be purchased for resale.  

Another tell-all sign,  the pricing. If the product is too ‘cheap’ or ‘discounted,’ trust your gut.   There is always a reason product being sold on these sites have lowered prices, and it’s not a ‘friendly favor.’  Instead, what’s usually happening is a replica has been found in China and it’s being sold drop-ship style.   In some scenarios, there are Chinese citizens and others local to the production factories of Shenzen,  buying ‘failed’ product from back-door to resell. These smartwatches will always have problems as there’s known glitches.

Ultimate Conclusion

If you can afford to give both watches, then buy both of these best wristwear gifts for Christmas 2019.  This gives the receiver options and makes them ‘top of the cool.’     Beyond that, it gives options for casual nights and situations that require durability.

If choosing one watch, the first choice would be the T1 Tact Watch. For price and ‘cool,’ it’s top of the list this year.  It’s become a raging sensation with social media influencers and youthful generations. The tactical smartwatch also has most of the features as the Apple Watch series 5, for a fraction of the price.   At a retail of $79 vs $499, there’s a lot more you can do with the extra money to further impress your loved one.

Also, keep in mind the Apple Series 6 watch is on the way next year.  Why buy something that’s on it’s way out at that price? The T1TW “Midnight Diamond” is here to stay and a classic design style that’s based on a retro style, not found today.   

Either way, a free gift is always great.  Purchase both watches at their official sites. Simply search the google names “T1 Tact Watch” or “Apple Watch Series 5” to get their official stores.

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