Simone Etere Influencer and icon on Instagram

Simone Etere was born on May 17, 1997 in Sansepolcro, in the province of Arezzo, of Italian origins.

He was 12 when he followed all the training of his brother, who was training in the Italian army. It was his point of reference.
He always watched his workouts on the pull-up bar and from there he became passionate about the free body.
And so, after discovering Calisthenics in 2014, he spent the following years dedicating himself to the discipline and putting a lot of effort into studying and practicing the skills.

Simone focuses mainly on isometrics and freestyle skills, moving forward with great passion and determination and getting stronger every year.
Becoming better and better exposes him to criticism from the people, who mocked him for this discipline that until 2017 was struggling to emerge in Italy.
However Simone Etere has always believed in what he has done and has always managed to overcome his obstacles.

Thanks to his dedication, Simone Etere achieves unthinkable results, reaching two world records, being the first in the world to close the 360/540 one-arm on the bar with one hand, he also reaches a new ability considered impossible, a neck grip that remains suspended. with the sole force of the neck/nape to the bar.
His Calisthenics videos and photos are attracting more and more fans to his Instagram page which, in 2019, reaches over 500,000 followers.

In the meantime he begins to invest his commitment also in the fashion world, collaborating with international brands such as Puma, AmTourister, Gillette and is also called to promote hotels and resorts all over the world.
Furthermore Simone, in addition to working as an Influencer, also takes care of teaching Calisthenics in various gyms, transforming his passion into work and passing it on to adults and children.

The problems were not lacking however, since he was a child Simone suffered from an anemia disorder, loss of consciousness and iron deficiency, also caused by thyroid instability, also encountering very serious problems, even going to resuscitation.
However with great motivation Simone has always managed to do it despite his health difficulties.
For this he always thanks God for guiding him in the right direction.

To date, the Influencer has over 1,105,000 followers on Instagram, he is considered one of the most famous influencers in the world.